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""At least it took FIVE TEAMS TO BEAT ME!""
―Tentacus' final words before his first death.[src]
―Tentacus after his final Bruisers was defeated and his final words before his first destruction[src]


Tentacus is an octopus-themed monster who was the second monster sent to Earth by Prince Vekar to battle the Super Mega Rangers.

Character History

He was sent immediately after the destruction of Headridge. He was the first of Vekar's field commanders to be enlarged by Levira's Maximizer and destroyed by the Super Megaforce Rangers' new zords after the three Bruisers that were grown along with him were defeated.Super Megaforce (episode)

Modus and Arsenal

He wields a blaster that can fire lasers at his opponents.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Despite being the second Armada monster sent on Earth, Tentacus is the first monster to be grown after he is defeated, as Headridge wasn't grown.
  • His design is reminiscent of Vilgax, one of the primary antagonist of the Ben 10 series, supported by the fact that both their designs are based on an octopus.

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