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Tentacreep is an octopus monster and is one of the minor villains of the second and third part of the three-part episode "The Samurai's Journey".

Character History

Tentacreep is sent out with an army of monsters to attack the Power Rangers. He is confronted by Blake, the Navy Ranger - and destroyed by the Thunder Rangers with the Thunder Staffs.The Samurai's Journey

Tentacreep was seen in an alternate reality.The Wild Wipeout

Tentacreep was among the monsters freed from the Abyss of Evil by Lothor.Storm Before the Calm

Powers and Abilities


  • Tentacles: True to it's name, Tentacreep can transform his arms into tentacles to wrap his enemies with.
  • Octo Blades: Tentacreep also has armed mounted blades on both arms for combat.


  • In Hurricanger, he is the cousin of Choobo's counterpart.

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