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"Sorry, I couldn't find my way out of the smoke."
"I can beat you without using my head."
―Tentaclaw(Body) after enlarging himself[src]

Tentaclaw is a octopus/crab/lobster-themed mutant kidnapper who can separate his head from his lobster-themed body. He is the main antagonist of the episode "A Parting of Ways".


Tentaclaw like all other mutants was created as a result of a chemical accident. He once kidnapped the Mayor of Millenium City, but was captured by Time Force and imprisoned in the Cryo-prison. He was released in the sixth episode to help Nadira get money. Tentaclaw kidnapped an entire bus full of children and held them for ransom. Although Wes gave 10 million dollars, Nadira still ordered Tentaclaw to kill the children. Soon the Rangers returned the money and rescued the children, but they had to fight the villain. Tentaclaw separated his head from his body and started to fight the Rangers. The Rangers defeated the head of Tentaclaw with the Vortex Blaster, but his body enlarged and attacked the city. Tentaclaw's body was eventually defeated and frozen by Time Force Megazord Mode Blue. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Parting of Ways

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Claw of Body.


Tentaclaw is a wicked, sinister, menacing, greedy, and devious mutant. He is cruel, sadistic, and villainous and enjoys his job, kidnaping and horrifying people. He is also cowardly, as he was afraid to lose to the Rangers. Despite all this, he is shown to be loyal to Nadira.

Powers And abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Tentaclaw has unnatural strength in both of his forms.
  • Body Separation: Tentaclaw is unique, even among mutants because he has two forms. He can separate his head from his body.
  • Tentacles: Tentaclaw can release deadly tentacles to ensnare and grab his opponents.
    • Tentacle Blasts: Tentaclaw can shoot purple blasts from his tentacles.
  • Expert Driver: Tentaclaw is skilled at driving a school bus in his smaller form when he was kidnapping the kids in them.
  • Enlarging: Tentaclaw can enlarge himself, like all other mutants, by cutting a chain of his DNA.


  • Bombs: Tentaclaw can throw bombs that explode when it lands on the ground.
  • Lobster Claws: Tentaclaw can use his large claws in battle.


  • Tentaclaw is the only mutant in the entire series that is defeated by the Time Force Megazord while in Mode Blue.
  • While Tentaclaw's head is frozen again, it's not clear if his body is. Instead, his body appears to explode when blasted by the Time Force Megazord.

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