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"Combine Gosei Ground!"
―Fusion announcement via the Leon Cellular[src]

Tensou Combination Gosei Ground (天装合体ゴセイグランド Tensō Gattai Gosei Gurando) is the combination of the Groundion and the Knight Brothers. Gosei Ground's attacks include the Sealeon Kick (シーレオンキック Shīreon Kikku) and the Eraser Missiles (イレイザーミサイル Ireizā Misairu) fired from the six ports on its arms. He can also launch the Knight Brother Headers as guided projectile weapons similar to Gosei Great's Header Attack.  Gosei Ground's final attack is the GrounDrastic (グランドラスティック Gurandorasutikku), firing a barrage of Eraser Missiles that hit the opponent before Gosei Ground himself rips through for the final blow.

Appearances: Episodes 19-20, 22, 26-27, 29-30, 32, 37-40, 44, 49-50 & 199 Hero Great Battle.



The Knight Brothers survived the Legend War and would join with Groundion again during the battle against the Black Cross King. Striking the Black Cross Colossus in defense of Gosei Great and GokaiOh, Gosei Ground was quickly swatted away, forcing Groundion to revert to Gosei Knight and sit out the battle between the 35 Sentai mecha and the Black Cross Army that would follow. Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle



Main article: Gosei Knight


"Change Groundion!"
―Transformation announcement via the Leon Cellular[src]

Groundion Headder (グランディオンヘッダー Gurandion Heddā): The Groundion Headder is Gosei Knight's true form. After combining with an off-road dump truck body, he becomes Groundion (グランディオン Gurandion). As Groundion, he uses his mass for slamming attacks and can fire Eraser Missiles from his wheels.  His finishing attack is the Groundion Laser (グランディオンレイザー Gurandion Reizā) where he shoots a spiraling energy beam from his mouth while unleashing a torrent of missiles. He forms the main body of Gosei Ground and chest and feet of Ground Gosei Great, with Gosei Knight himself forming the head in both formations, as well as the chest piece of Gosei Ground forming the handle section of the Gosei Lancer for Ground Gosei Great.

Knight Brothers

"Summon Knight Brothers!"
―Activation announcement via the Leon Cellular[src]
Knight Brothers (ナイトブラザー Naito Burazā): The Knight Brothers are a duo of lion-based Gosei Machines composed of Sealeon (シーレオン Shīreon), whose Headder combines with a cruise ship body, and Skyon (スカイオン Sukaion), whose Headder combines with a blimp body. They respectively form Gosei Ground's right and left legs as well as Ground Gosei Great's respective arms.


  • Sealeon (シーレオン Shīreon) - A sea lion-type mecha.

Sealion Headder


  • Skyon (スカイオン Sukaion) - A flying lion-type of mecha. 

Skylion Headder

Ground Gosei Great

"Dual Combine!"
―Fusion announcement[src]

Ground Gosei Great (グランドゴセイグレート Gurando Gosei Gurēto) is the combination of Gosei Great and Gosei Ground.

The tip of its weapon, the Gosei Lancer (ゴセイランサー Gosei Ransā), can be mounted with either the Kuwaga Headder, Manta Headder, or Taka Headder to perform various techniques that amplify Skick, Landick, or Seaick abilities.

With the Kuwaga Headder, the Gosei Lancer can be used as an extending Sasumata. With the Manta Headder, it produces a tidal wave when swung. With the Taka Headder, it can fire an energy pulse.

Ground Gosei Great's final attack is the Ground Great Strike (グランドグレートストライク Gurando Gurēto Sutoraiku) using the Kuwaga Headder to cause an eruption that consumes the target.

In Epic 28, a different Ground Great Strike was used with a massive wind attack from the spinning Gosei Lancer from using the Taka Headder as the finisher.

Appearances: Episodes 22-23, 25, 28-31, Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, 40 & Returns.

Ground Hyper Gosei Great

"Miracle Combine!"
―Fusion announcement via the Tensouder[src]

After combining with the Skick Brothers, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, Knight Brothers, the Groundion Headder and Datas Hyper by using the Mojikara power from the Shinkengers, Gosei Great becomes Ground Hyper Gosei Great (グランドハイパーゴセイグレート Gurando Haipā Gosei Gurēto) in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. In this combination, the Hammershark Header is on the left shoulder and the Hyper Change Header is on the right shoulder. The Knight Brothers are in the places where the Hammershark and Hyper Change Headers usually are, and the Groundion Header becomes the main head. Ground Hyper Gosei Great's final attack is the Mojikara Headder Strike (モヂカラヘッダーストライク Mojikara Heddā Sutoraiku). This formation only appeared once.

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Gosei Ground (Dice-O)

Gosei Ground as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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