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"Transformation! Jet Icarus! Complete! Jet Icarus!"
―Red Hawk announcing combination[src]

Jet Icarus (ジェットイカロス Jetto Ikarosu): A giant robot formed by all five Jet Machines (fighter planes) with the command "Combine! Scram Wing" (合体! スクラムウイング Gattai! Sukuramu Uingu). The toy version was referred to as Celestial Fusion Jet Icarus (天空合体 ジェットイカロス Tenkū Gattai Jetto Ikarosu).


It destroys monsters using the Birdonic Sabre (バードニックセイバー Bādonikku Seibā). Its other weapons include the Shot Puncher (ショットパンチャー Shotto Panchā), where the right fist is launched out of the arm via rockets, Icarus Axe (イカロスアックス Icaros Akkusu), a sharp, curved axe,, Icarus Crusher, a ball-and-chain weapon, Icarus Magna (イカロスマグナ Ikarosu Maguna), a hammer weapon, Jet Lancer (ジェットランサー Jetto Ransā), a polearm weapon, Jet Dagger (ジェットダガー Jetto Dagā), a pair of daggers and the Wing Shield (ウィングシールド Wingu Shīrudo), formed from the wing structure of Jet Swallow. In order to form either Jet Icarus or the Icarus Haken, sections of the Jetmen's Corresponder must be detached from the device and inserted into the Bird Lock in their Jet Machines' control panels.


The Jet Hawk was initially held aboard the Earthship, and was used by Commander Aya Odagiri to pilot herself and an unconscious Ryu Tendo out of it after the Vyram's appearance and subsequent destruction of the Earthship. From there on out, it was stored alongside the other Jet Machines inside a hangar at Sky Camp. Jet Icarus is the last and only robot left standing after Radiguet was finally destroyed.

Jet Machines

Jet Hawk

Jet Hawk (ジェットホーク Jetto Hōku): Red Hawk's individual Jet Machine. It forms the frontal section of the Icarus Haken, the head and chest of the Jet Icarus, and the head and the center of the chest of the Great Icarus. For armaments, it includes to laser blasters, emitted from the two silver "vents" atop the machine. It appeared again in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.

Jet Condor/Eagle

Jet Condor (ジェットコンドル Jetto Kondoru): Black Condor's individual Jet Machine. It forms the right rudder of the Icarus Haken, the right leg of the Jet Icarus, and the left upper leg of the Great Icarus. It fires lasers from the dual protrusions just in front of the wings.

It is likely that it was repainted and renamed Jet Eagle after Green Eagle replaced the (apparently) slain Black Condor in the manga.

Jet Owl

Jet Owl (ジェットアウル Jetto Auru)Yellow Owl's individual Jet Machine. It forms the right wing of the Icarus Haken, the right arm of the Jet Icarus, and the right upper arm of the Great Icarus. It is equipped with both a set of four lasers, but a large claw which is often used to hoist boulders and drop them upon an enemy.

Jet Swan

Jet Swan (ジェットスワン Jetto Suwan): White Swan's individual Jet Machine. It forms the left rudder of the Icarus Haken, the left leg of the Jet Icarus, and the right upper leg of the Great Icarus. It could shoot lasers from the black edges surrounding the cockpit, but these were rarely used.

Jet Swallow

Jet Swallow (ジェットスワロー Jetto Suwarō): Blue Swallow's individual Jet Machine. It forms the left wing of the Icarus Haken, the left arm of the Jet Icarus and the Wing Shield, and the left upper arm of the Great Icarus In lieu of laser weaponry, it could instead detach the wing structure and use the sharpened edges to attack monsters.

Combined Forms

Icarus Haken

Jet Icarus can reform into the Icarus Haken (イカロスハーケン Ikarosu Hāken) when the command of "Combine! Jet Scram" (合体! ジェットスクラム Gattai! Jetto Sukuramu) is given, and its ultimate attack is the Jet Phoenix (ジェットフェニックス Jetto Fenikkusu).

Additional Combinations

  • Jet Icarus can combine with Jet Garuda to become Great Icarus.
  • Icarus Haken can combine with Bird Garuda to become Hyper Haken.

Later history

Super Sentai World

Super Sentai World - 5 Mechas

The Five Giant Robos.

Summoned by Red Hawk, Jet Icarus returned to fight alongside fellow robos Fiverobo, Daizyujin, Dairen'oh, and Muteki Shogun, to defeat the giant Emperor Daidas. Super Sentai World

Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

Years later, Jet Hawk appeared as part of an army of robots, animals, jets, machines and vehicles belonging to the first 25 red heroes. As anticipated by Soukichi Banba (Big One), they were led by Akira Shinmei (AoRenger) and Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura to help fight Lost Highness Rakushaasa.

Jet Icarus, as one of the past Sentai Giant Robos, imbued Hyakujuu Gattai GaoKing with its power to defeat the giant Lost Highness Rakushaasa Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.


When GokaiOh and Gosei Great faced the Black Cross Colossus, the mecha of the first 33 Super Sentai, including Jet Icarus which possibly manifested from a toy version like DaiDenzin and the Variblune, appeared to back them up. When the Black Cross Colossus summoned several giant villains to oppose them, Jet Icarus as Icarus Haken fought alongside TimeRobo as TimeJet Gamma and DaiDenzin as Denzi Fighter to destroy Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg. After all the giant villains were destroyed, all 35 mecha weakened Black Cross Colossus with a combined attack before GokaiOh combined with the Variblune to become Goren GokaiOh which destroyed the Black Cross Colossus with the Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia finisher. With the battle won, the 33 past Super Sentai mecha vanished. Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

40 Sentai mecha

Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst.

Representing Jetman, Great Icarus appeared among manifestations of the first 38 Super Sentai's mecha that granted Wild Tousai Shuriken King the power to perform the Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst which destroyed the titanic Gillmarda. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai



  • The cockpits for the Jet Machines and Jet Icarus were recycled and modified to make the cockpits of the Guardian Beasts and Daizyujin in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger as well as the cockpits of the Dinozords and the tank mode and battle mode of the Megazord for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • The Icarus Haken and its finisher are an homage to the main vehicle of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, the God Phoenix and its ultimate attack; Kagaku Ninpo: Hi No Tori (Science Ninja Art: Firebird).
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