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"Its got a nice ring, if I do say myself! It's an excellent ring!"
―The Temple Bell's first words when ringing a temple's bell.[src]
"Now I can't strike my bell!"
―The Temple Bell Org after Kai cut apart his mallet with his Shark Cutters and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"This can't be happening! Pride goes before the fall....."
―The Temple Bell Org after GaoKing trapped him in his own bell and his final words before his death.[src]

The result of an Org Spirit acquiring a temple bell at the Laiwen Shrine, Shrine-Bell Org enjoys the sound of banging himself with his mallet and is able to trap anyone inside the large bells he creates. His signature attack is the Temple Bell Arrow where he unleashed a wave of blue sonic energy from his head able to knock down five Gaorangers and even GaoKing with one blast. He was soon found by the Org Dukes, whom he follows so his sound can be heard globally in return for guarding the temple grounds. Shrine-Bell Org managed to trap Kai in his giant bell until Soutarou frees him. Shrine-Bell Org is then defeated by GaoBlue and GaoBlack before being killed by the Hyakujuuken and then revived into a giant by TsueTsue. Shrine-Bell Org took down GaoKing with several blasts of his sonic waves but they kicked him back and used the Fin Blade to destroy his mallet. He then attempts to trap GaoKing in his bell, but was trapped instead when they kicked it over the top of him and killed by the Animal Heart.



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