This template can be used for Rangers who only appear in a single seasons as a complete Ranger. So this template can be used for every character after the Lost Galaxy season except for Megaforce. For characters that appear in multiple seasons as a complete Ranger please use Template:ComplexRangerinfomulti.

 |image=''Name of the image to be included''
 |label=''Name of the Rangers designation''
 |name=''Fullname of the character''
 |gender=''male'' or ''female''
 |season=''Name of the season''
 |color=''Color of the Ranger''
 |shadeofcolor='''optional''' ''Color which should be shown''
 |homeworld=''Homeworld of the character''
 |firstepisode=''Episode of the first appearance''
 |lastepisode=''Episode of the last appearance''
 |numberofepisodes=''Total number of the episode appearances''
 |cast=''Actor of the character''}}
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