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TV Mask

Television Mask.

Television Mask (テレビ仮面 Terebi Kamen) is the ninth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Television Mask was set up in an EAGLE base that held the secret information of a nuclear power plant that they were associated with. After the EAGLE forces realize he was there, he attacks them and uses the information in the base transmitted to the receiving transmission base to find the location of a secret nuclear power plant that EAGLE was assisting in the research; the intention being to invade it and blow it up causing a massive nuclear meltdown to affect a wide area. After the initial invasion, it nearly becomes destroyed in its TV disguise within a scrapping plant before a Zolder replaces it with another television.

The Gorengers head to protect the base; Kenji ends up encountering it first and nearly becomes trapped within its illusion attack. Tsuyoshi responds with an attack that smashes its screen forcing it to briefly retreat to Black Cross HQ, where the Black Cross Führer gives his permission to continue the plot even against the will of Golden Mask. During a second invasion, he continues to proceed with tactics and a Zolder army easily holding off the Gorengers with his unknown amount of weapons emerging on his screen.

Television Mask's downfall came about from Akira and Yoko discovering the signal relay between the transmission station and the Masked Monster's antenna; invading the station, Aorenger defeats the Zolders there and even broadcasts himself onto Television Mask to show that he no longer has a connection with the outside. The Gorenger face him down and use Gorenger Hurricane that becomes a giant hand that switches his channel to one where a show was ending, with "Owari" (the end) the final words on his screen as he explodes. Ep. 63: A Flash of Black Lightning! The Protruding Cannon


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Modus and Arsenal

Television Mask's strongest ability is actually an antenna that is connected to his head; the antenna both gives off and receives signals from a Black Cross transmission base run by several Zolders. He can give off signals for important information that is recorded by the Zolders at the base for their usage; as well as receive signals from them. The latter is important in allowing for Television Mask to use multiple weapons that are transmitted to his screen and then emerge from within his body, including guns and a cannon. His screen can also give off an illusion attack to make one become trapped within whatever illusion Television Mask is broadcasting as if it were real within the mind of his victim. He can also infiltrate places by transforming into an ordinary TV.



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Behind the Scenes

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