The original Power Rangers teleporting.

Teleportation is a technique used by the Power Rangers from the first season until Power Rangers in Space, collectively known as the Zordon Era. It allowed the rangers to instantly transport themselves to any destination of their choosing, but was inexplicably abandoned after Zordon's death.

The power to teleport is not restricted to traveling physical distances. Users also have the ability to travel between dimensions, as is shown when Jason is teleported out of the Dark Dimension, as well as when the rangers managed to escape the Island of Illusion.

Generally, a Ranger character will teleport inside an energy wave that is colored to correspond with their Ranger color. Non-ranger characters usually teleported in white, though Billy Cranston's color was black when he teleported for the final time to Aquitar. In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, the appearance of the teleportation process changed dramatically. No reason was given.

Initially, the Power Rangers had to be teleported by Alpha inside the Command Center. This changed when Billy created the communicators, which had a direct link to the Command Center's teleportation computer.

Villains are able to teleport themselves to any location at will in all seasons with either through their own power or devices, although there are some exception as well.

Lightspeed Rescue

In Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, the Cyborg Rangers created by General McKnight were able to teleport from the Aquabase straight into battle.

Ninja Storm

In Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, the rangers occasionally used teleportation to get to or from Ninja Ops. However, the teleportation is rarely used.

Dino Thunder

In Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, the rangers, themselves, did not possess any teleportation powers, but were able to use the invisiportals created by Mesogog - often for the purpose of traveling to Mesogog's island lab, and back again.

Operation Overdrive

In the episode Both Sides Now, Andrew Hartford adjusts Will Aston's blaster so it teleports the rangers back to their base.

Power Rangers: R.P.M.

In Power Rangers: RPM, every ranger had a special ability. Ziggy, who was Ranger Operator: Series Green, possessed the ability to teleport to any destination instantly. However, he could never master this power like the original rangers could, and often teleported to the wrong destination.

Power Rangers Super Samurai

After the Sealing Symbol fails to destroy Master Xandred, he nearly defeats the Samurai Rangers, but Jayden appears and uses a teleportation symbol to save the team.

Power Rangers Megaforce

Gosei and Tensou brings the Rangers to the Command Center in Ranger-colored energy and later sends them to the city with the same Ranger-colored energy, similar to the original teleportation.

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