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Telephone Mask

Telephone Mask.

Telephone Mask (電話仮面 Denwa Kamen) is the tenth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

A master assassin and master of voice mimicry able to retrieve any phone-based intel including faxes. Telephone Mask is sent after scientists who support the Gorengers with the aid of Zolders as his inside men. After killing off Wakayama (vehicle designer who was working on a new project, Telephone Mask nearly poisons Shimizu (designer of the Gorenger weapons) when Midorenger intervenes. The Gorengers soon uncover his method and track the Masked Monster down as he attempts to take out the chief officers of EAGLE. They manage to locate the Masked Monster's base at the Eastern Recording Institute thanks to agent 0079 faxing a code that is deciphered due to Taro's knowledge of a special phone code. The Gorengers finish Telephone Mask off with the Goranger Hurricane, transformed into the plans for the bomb which it ends up faxing into himself blowing him up from the inside. Ep. 52: The Pink Telephone Demon! The Murderous Dial


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Modus and Arsenal

Telephone Mask has the abilities to emit various means of assassination from within his receiver from whomever he talks to on the other end, including a flamethrower or poison gas that is fired from the receiver on the other end. His staff is two phone receivers and can emit a flamethrower as well. He can also change his voice to sound like someone else and his head can be used as a regular telephone to anyone who picks it up even when disguised as a public phone.



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Behind the Scenes

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