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Teksa is an octopus-in-a-basket-themed monster. He and Kubak were employed with the task of destroying Trakeena and making it look like Leo had done it. During the ensuing fight, Trakeena approached the downed Teksa and charged her sword with green energy and struck through him, making him fall and vanish as yellow specks of energy.

He was later revived by Hexuba in The Lost Galaxy. He attacked Leo in a plaza and Leo charged his Quasar Launcher in staff mode with flaming energy and rammed the end into Teksa, destroying him.

Interestingly, Teksa's name was not revealed until his return appearance. Earlier, Teksa and Kubak were never called by name, though were in the credits, so just who was which remained unknown until Teksa returned and was called by name by Leo.



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