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Technotopia 21 is the main city and base home of the Bioman; Bio Base is located in a cave not too far from this city.

Technotopia 21 is stated to be a futuristic city in Japan where the brightest minds of science live, work and research, developing the world of tomorrow and the peaceful usages of science. It is because of this that Doctor Man decides to make this his first target in conquering the world for his Neo Empire Gear. Sending out a platoon of Mechaclones led by Mason and Messer Beast, the city is attacked and many scientists killed in an invasion. However, it is this attack that awakens Bio Robo from the nearby mountain; finding five humans who possess Bio Particles among the populace, the mecha gathers them so that its master, Peebo, could use them to become Bioman and protect their home and their world.Ep. 1: The Enigmatic Giant Robo ArrivesEp. 2: Gathering! Warriors of Destiny

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