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Team Carnival is the thirtieth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Animus/Kite arc.


Jindrax teams up with his brother to prove his worth by destroying the Rangers. After his brother is killed, Jindrax narrowly escapes. Feeling dejected, Jindrax strikes out on his own with his brother Juggelo. They follow Taylor, Max, and Kite to a carnival, and attempt to disrupt their day out.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Jungle Blaster, which is made up of five composite weapons which each represent a component of the Isis Megazord (although the weapons would never be used in their individual forms).
    •  The Jungle Blaster is exclusive to Power Rangers and never existed in Gaoranger.
  • It is explained in this episode that once an Org is made to grow through Toxica's staff, they can never be returned to their previous small state, Not only is this proven wrong when Jindrax burps out the seeds he earlier swallowed, returning him to normal size, but Retinax also returned to his normal size after being defeated although it should be noted that Toxica didn't encounter him after this happened. Additionally, in Jindrax's case, he swallowed the seeds instead of being resurrected by them.
  • Jindrax yelling the phrase "I'm melting!" is a reference to the 1939 film Wizard of Oz.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Toxica states that Mandilok's meal consists of computer parts. It is actually a Motorsport carburetor.
  • Max wasn't wearing any restraints when he re-entered the roller coaster car.
  • Many more swords were thrown than were later shown in the sign.
  • Despite the fact the Wild Force Megazord was being shown suffering repeated attacks, everything seemed fine inside the cockpit.

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