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Tatsuzo Midorikawa (緑川 達造 Midorikawa Tatsuzō) is a detective and police officer father of Tatsuya Midorikawa, who became DenziGreen. His service inspired his son to join the police force following him.

Character History

After the arrival and emergence of Musasabilar on Earth with the arrival of the Vader Clan, Tatsuzo and Tatsuya went in pursuit of the creature in order to take it down. However, the creature uses its Enlargement Program to become a giant, killing the father in the process. Tatsuya swears revenge on Musasabilar for killing his father, allowing for Denzi Dog IC to make him into a potential Denziman. When Musasabilar is finally defeated by DaiDenzin, he feels grateful that his father's murder has been avenged.Ep. 1: Take the Express to the Super Fortress

Tatsuya briefly re-encounters his father due to a timeslip associated with Vader Monster Taimular, making him go back 4 years in the past to fight crime with him once again before returning to the present.Ep. 22: Super Time, Strange Experience



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Behind the Scenes

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