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Tatsuya Inomata (猪俣 達也 Inomata Tatsuya) was a cowardly boy who spent his time hanging out with his father Shinya in the woods. When the Psyma Beast Kueikurosu arrives in the woods to use astrological signs to cause an earthquake and destroy a dam, the two spot him but the Psyma Beast uses his power to transform Shinya into a tree, using his positioning as a means to set up the magic to cause the earthquake. Tatsuya eventually is joined by Matoi and Kyoko at the site; and when Kueikurosu sets up a barrier to block communication between GoRed and the remainder of GoGoFive back in Tokyo, Kyoko inspires Tatsuya to have the courage to get a message to the younger Tatsumi about their condition. After crossing the woods with great courage, he meets up with the other Tatsumi who had reached the edge of the dead zone and discovered Matoi's battle. Later, Tatsuya and Kyoko help GoGoFive in lifting Kueikurosu's barrier, while their destruction of the Psyma Beast frees Shinya from the tree spell and reunite father and son.

Behind the scenes


Tatsuya Inomata was portrayed by Yukihiro Iwabuchi (岩渕 幸弘 Iwabuchi Yukihiro).


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