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Tarou & Jirou (太郎と次郎 Tarō to Jirō, 26, 30, 31, 42-44 & 52): Twin ninjas who served Tsuruhime's father and played with Tsuruhime as a young girl. They accompanied Tsuruhime's father to stop Daimaou years ago, but they were captured. Tsuruhime's father had to exchange his life to serve Daimaou in order to spare their lives. In response, the two of them were turned into dogs, posing as pets to Bun at their master's mansion. The two eventually returned the favor by sacrificing themselves to free Hakamenrou.


  • Tarou and Jirou are portrayed by twin tokusatsu actors Keisuke and Daisuke Tsuchiya.In the previous year, Keisuke portrayed Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star in Dairanger while Daisuke played his evil clone; the following year, Daisuke portrayed a hero characterIcon-crosswiki.png while Keisuke portrayed his evil cloneIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • The way to tell them apart is the circles on their headbands: Tarou has a yellow one while Jiro has a red one.
  • The duo are named after two Sakhalin huskies who were notable for surviving in the brutal colds of Antarctica for an entire year after being left behind in the infamous "Second Cross-Winter Expedition" of 1958, a Japanese Antarctic expedition that had to be abandoned leaving a squadron of huskies behind with Tarou and Jirou the only survivors found. The dogs' story was famously told in the 1983 film Nankyoku Monogatari.
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