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"Born from the peach! Don Momotaro![1]"
―Roll Call[src]

"It’s a festival! It’s a festival!"
―Don Momotaro’s catchphrase[src]

"HAHAHAHA! Yo! Yo! Yo! It’s a festival! It’s a festival, everyone! Passing by each other can form a bond! The earth you step on becomes part of that bond! So dance and sing together to tighten those bonds! The world becomes a paradise! Just blow your troubles away and laugh! Laugh with me! HAHAHAHA!"
―Don Momotaro’s first words during his entrance[src]

Taro Momoi (桃井タロウ Momoi Tarō) is Don Momotaro (ドンモモタロウ DonMomotarou), the Red Ranger and leader of the Donbrothers.[2]

Taro is 21 years old at the beginning of Donbrothers.[3]



Taro was found by Jin Momoi inside a peach-shaped capsule that floated to shore after exiting a mysterious portal when he was just a baby. In his childhood, he was excellent at everything and always eager to help people do things correctly, but this goodwill became so intrusive that the neighbors organized a rally against him, although he did not realize that he was hated until everyone in the neighborhood left. During his birthdays, he would often celebrate alone with his foster father as none of the neighbors wanted to come to his party when invited. A happier moment was when he would make onigiri for Jin to take with him for his lunch before he headed off to work.



Don Momotaro appears before the Zenkaigers

Taro Momoi was summoned by the Donbrothers Sentai Gear that was used by Zenkaizer. Riding in on his Enya Rideon, he would fight alongside Juran against Kotatsu World and Barashitara and later allow the Zenkaigers to use his Enya Rideon to combine with JuranTyranno to become DonZenkaiOh. After Great Kotatsu World's defeat, he left back to his world. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 42-kai! New Hero! Secret Meeting!!


Meeting the Donbrothers

Taro lives alone and works as a delivery man at Shirokuma Express, the employees of which tend to exploit his bluntness when gambling for portions in the company lunch breaks. He also fights against the Noto and Hitotsuki as Don Momotaro.


Taro is young man who is incapable of lying and capable of living on his own after his foster father vanished. He also can do any kind of work, like cleaning, cooking, making rice-balls etc. As his regular self, he is cheery and generally well-mannered, though his tendency to be brutally honest often leaves him in situations where the favor is usually against him or annoys people to the point that they hate being around him.

Unhelpful to those who meet him, Taro's form of giving advice is simply stating out what someone does wrong before performing the corresponding act in what he deems to be the right way, typically worsening any relationships he has with other people. Additionally, his comments are usually made without consideration of someone's feelings, typically leading to him angering others unintentionally.

His honesty extends to how he views the world, seeing lying as wrong and even if the intent is for good reasons, the liar is masking a false truth and true words come directly from the heart. Unlike his superhero persona, Taro hates fighting to the point he will never directly hit a person even if provoked.

Despite his friendly disposition, Taro’s childhood has affected him negatively as he doesn’t know what true happiness is. His compulsory need to help others and make them happy is, in his own words, a way to understand the emotion itself since he is lonely. He also seemed to dislike his birthday, as it serves as a constant reminder of his loneliness.

He also does not fully understand what friends are, since he had none his whole life and his blunt honesty prevented him from having one, yet he hopes someday to have a good relationship with someone. He also has no romantic life, as he publicly admitted he doesn’t have a girlfriend. His view of his relationship with his team is as companions in battle and nothing else, which rubs some of them the wrong way.

Taro is shown to be very diligent at his job and takes great pride in being a delivery man, as it allows him to help people and bring them joy. He is content in his work and doesn’t want to change jobs unless temporary circumstances force him to, even stating that he sees no difference in a job like his to professional jobs that pay better in terms of importance.

As Don Momotaro, however, he undergoes a drastic personality change. Compared to his civilian identity, Don Momotaro is far more boisterous and jolly, often seeing every battle as a type of festival under an air of confidence. However, his heroic nature is retained, and he strongly opposes the Noto permanently killing any Hitotsuki the group encounters.

Don Momotaro can also be a bit unpredictable and eccentric, as he wildly attacks his team as a test of their combat skills and training, especially if he feels that they are holding him back in battle.


Powers and Abilities

  • Hypercompetence: As claimed by both himself and his father, Taro Momoi is excellent at everything.
    • Perfect Onigiri Making: His onigiri is described by Yukio Mizuno to be something made from the heavens, and managed to make him moved to near tears by its flavor and texture.
    • Shogi Mastery: Although he had only played shogi once in his childhood, Taro managed to defeat a shogi club president easily.
  • Super Strength and Accuracy: While untransformed, Taro was able to flick peanuts with his finger at someone's face right in the cheek and with enough force to knock them out cold. He is also capable of completely destroying an entire stack of wooden chairs with a single karate chop.
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Taro is shown to be able to clean a room in mere minutes, almost as if he is flying across it. He is also capable of moving game pieces at blistering speed to win board games like shogi in just a matter of minutes.


Taro worn out

  • Recurring Power Loss: In exchange for his superpowers, Taro suffers a period of power loss once every few years. This can be cured by eating 300 kibi dango made with a precise recipe and method. During this power loss, Taro can become sick and is too weak to even fight, rendering finishers like the Momotaro Slash completely useless.


Don Momotaro

"(traditional/rock music remix) Don Momotaro! Yo! Nippon ichi![4]"
―Transformation announcement[src]

In his standard form, Don Momotaro is an expert swordsman, using the ZanglaSword with precision accuracy in addition to decent gunmanship with the DonBlaster. Don Momotaro can also trap enemies in a peach-shaped energy bubble, which he creates by focusing power into the emblem on his helmet's forehead.




  • Sharp Acute Slash (イアイ斬 Iaizan): A basic strong sword attack. After spinning the gear of the ZanglaSword once and pressing the trigger, Don Momotaro slashes his energy charged sword downward at an angle.
  • Decisive Peach Slice (快桃乱麻 Kaitō Ranma): After spinning the gear of the ZanglaSword four times, DonMomotaro proceeds to press the trigger of the sword and slash his opponent in a spectrum of colors.
  • Avatar Combat Art: Momotaro Slash (アバター乱舞・モモタロ斬 Abatā Ranbu: Momotarozan): A super attack where the Donbrothers team raises a Torii construct with Don Momotaro on top of it, with the surrounding area turning dark. The four remaning teammates blast the target, while Don Momotaro leaps off the Torii after activating the ZanglaSword by spinning its gear five times. He presses the trigger and unleashes a flurry of rainbow colored slashes around the opponent, then rushes the enemy and slashes through them for the final blow.
  • Legend Sentai Slash: When Don Momotaro scans the ZanglaSword on the top of a DonBlaster, he can do an attack of any Red Sentai Ranger.
    • Kishiryu Blade: Ryusoul Slash (騎士竜一桃・リュウソウ斬 Kishiryū Ittō: Ryūsōzan): When he scans his sword on a DonBlaster with a Ryusoulger gear inserted, he can do a copy of RyuSoul Red’s Dino Slash.
  • Frenzied Peach: Blast Party (狂瀾怒桃・ブラストパーティー Kyōran Dotō: Burasuto Pātī): By pressing the top of the DonBlaster, Don Momotaro spins the shuriken on the DonBlaster, activating the finishing strike, he can blast a powerful, rainbow-colored shot at an enemy.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episode 42; Donbrothers Episode 1-

"(techno music) Don Momotaro! Yo! Tenka ichi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

By using the Don Momotaro Avataro Gear Alter, Don Momotaro's soul separates from his body and transforms into the 15cm tall Don Momotaro Alter (ドンモモタロウアルター DonMomotarou Arutā) in a manner similar to an online game's player switching to their alternate account.[5] Once engaged, the Don Momotaro Alter can change between a humanoid form resembling Don Momotaro for active combat or a armored peach form in defensive situations. The Don Momotaro Alter is also capable of bouncing off of digital constructs and making use of portals and hidden doorways in combat, assisted by its own sword.

Although the Don Momotaro Alter is effective in combat, its usage has the side effect of leaving Don Momotaro's real body limp and vulnerable to attack, often forcing his teammates to carry it around while keeping it from coming to harm.

The Don Momotaro Alter can also be used when Don Momotaro is untransformed, though that usually means that his real body tends to be left limp without his soul.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 2-4, 6-8

"(techno music) Don ToQ Momotaro! (crossing gate sfx)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Don ToQ Momotaro Alter (ドントッキュウモモタロウアルター DonTokkyūMomotarou Arutā) is the combined form of Don Momotaro Alter and the ToQger Alter.[6]

Appearances: Donbrothers Episodes 3-4

"(techno music) Don Zyuoh Momotaro! (eagle cry)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Don Zyuoh Momotaro Alter (ドンジュウオウモモタロウアルター DonJūōMomotarou Arutā) is the combined form of Don Momotaro Alter and the Zyuohger Alter.[7][8]

Appearances: Donbrothers Episode 6

"(techno music) Don Ryusoul Momotaro! (Kishiryu summoning music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Don Ryusoul Momotaro Alter (ドンリュウソウモモタロウアルター DonRyūsōMomotarou Arutā) is the combined form of Don Momotaro Alter and the Ryusoulger Alter.[9]

Appearances: Donbrothers Episode 8

"(techno music) Don Lupin Momotaro! (air horns)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Don Lupin Momotaro Alter (ドンルパンモモタロウアルター DonRupanMomotarou Arutā) is the combined form of Don Momotaro Alter and the Lupinranger Alter.[10]

"(techno music) Don Patren Momotaro! (Trigger Machine summoning sound)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Don Patren Momotaro Alter (ドンパトレンモモタロウアルター DonPatorenMomotarou Arutā) is the combined form of Don Momotaro Alter and the Patranger Alter.[10]

"(triumphant traditional music) Don Robotaro! Yo! Sekai ichi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Don Momotaro can use the Don Robotaro Gear to transform into his mecha form, Don Robotaro (ドンロボタロウ DonRobotarō). In this form, Don Robotaro exceeds in wielding the ZanglaSword, and now equipped with a back jet booster, he can thrust at high speeds into battle. Don Robotaro could also generate slashes to form a dust tornado that can wipe out a group of Anoni.



  • Lucid Peach: Avatar Photon Slash (明晰な桃のアバターフォトンスラッシュ Meisekina Momo no Abatā Foton Surasshu): Don Robotaro charges up the ZanglaSword and awaits for the enemy. Once its location is known, he will burst into the air using his booster and finish the enemy with the Sharp Acute Slash.

Appearances: Donbrothers Episode 9-

Main article: Avatar Changes

Using the Avataro Gears of Legend Sentai, Don Momotaro has access to the powers of any Main Sentai Ranger of his choosing, donning them in a manner like a game character donning a skin.[5]

Gokai Red

"Gokaiger! Hey yo! Kaizoku Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

Red Buster

"It's Morphin' Time! Hey yo! Tokumei Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

Kyoryu Red

"Gaburincho! (samba sounds, then firing sfx) Hey yo! Zyuden Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

ToQ 1gou

"Henshin Itashimasu! (train crossing sfx) Hey yo! Ressha Sentai![4]"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger, 8


"Aka Ja! Ao Ja! Ki Ja! Shiro Ja! Momo Ja! Ninja! Hey yo! Shuriken Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

Zyuoh Eagle

"AHHHHHH~! AH~! AHAHAH~! Hey yo! Doubutsu Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger, 8

Instinct Awakened Mode

Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger, 8

Shishi Red

"Seiza Change! Hey yo! Uchu Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

Lupin Red

"Kaitou Change! (firing sfx- jazz) Lupinranger~! Hey yo! Kaitou Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger, 8

Patren 1gou

"Keisatsu Change! (firing sfx- dramatic action music) Patranger! Hey yo! Keisatsu Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger, 8

Ryusoul Red

"Ryu So Cool! (Cheery Samba Jingle) Bwahahahahaha! Hey yo! Kishiryu Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger

Kiramai Red

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze! Hey yo! Mashin Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Appearances: Donbrothers meets Senpaiger


"Babang! Babang! Babang! Babang! Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang! Zenkaiger! Hey yo! Himitsu no Power!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Babang! Babang! Babang! Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang! Zenkaizer! Hey yo! Kikai Sentai!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Appearances: Donbrothers Episode 1, meets Senpaiger

Behind the Scenes



  • DonMomotaro's helmet features an Avataro Gear-like protrusion pointing out the back, mimicking Momotaro's topknot. Like the other Donbrothers, his visor is styled after sunglasses.


  • His last name contains the kanji for "peach" ( Momo). In addition, his full name is the name of Momotaro with an additional "井" (I) dividing up the two halves of the name, "Momo" and "Taro".


  • He was the first of the Donbrothers to appear and talk on screen, with his Zenkaiger appearance airing almost four weeks before his reveal.
  • A small running gag in the series is Don Momotaro's habit of being carried into battle on a mikoshi, often by unknown men or women dressed in ceremonial summer festival attire and surrounded by miko performing the kagura dance.
  • The animated backdrop when Don Momotaro makes his entrance is him crossing the ocean before launching himself from the Enya Rideon to an island with a mountain. This is a reference to the final leg of Momotaro’s journey in his story where he travels to Oni Island by boat.



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