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Taro is an alien from the planet of Atlanta, the planet by which became known on Earth for the lost city of Atlantis. After the conquering of his home by the Gozma Empire, he was transformed by Star King Bazoo into the Space Beast known as Demos (デモス Demosu).

Character History

Taro Changeman


Although appearing as a strange long creature with spikes on his flipper-like hands and tentacles emerging from his body, this "creature" is actually the transformed form of a humanoid alien named Taro. Taro originally came from the planet Atlanta, a world with advanced knowledge who came to Earth long in the past to set up the city known to historians as Atlantis. However, Atlanta has become one of Bazoo's many conquests and Taro transformed into one of the Space Beasts for conquering for the tyrant. After an initial attack where it takes children hostage, Bazoo uses Demos' original form as a means to try and infiltrate the Changeman and find out the location of their base. However, Tsurugi befriends Taro in the process and finds out about his control of "Atlanta Force", his planet's version of the Earth Force the Changeman use. Yet as Tsurugi appears to break through with him, Bazoo changes him back to his Space Beast form, which Change Dragon refuses to fight until realizing that Taro was lost forever.


Taro's Atlanta medal

After joining the battle, Tsurugi destroys Demos with the Power Bazooka, then ultimately destroys him with Change Robo. Yet out of respect for his true form, he holds a funeral for Taro where his Atlanta necklace is sent out to space in a capsule.Ep. 7: The Sad Space Beast Warrior!


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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