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Taro (太郎 Tarō, 36): A mysterious boy who was born from a giant peach Satoru and Eiji found in a river. The boy develops at an incredible speed growing in one day what a normal human would grow in 10 years. It's later revealed that he was sent by the mountain in which the "Mountain Crushing Kanabo" was hidden in order to recover it. He was a complete coward despite being his only goal to take back the Precious. Eventually could gather courage from Satoru and Eiji and stood against the Questers. Taro took away the Precious from Quester Robo Radial barehanded and returned to his mountain. He is based upon the Japanese legend of Momotarō.[1]

Behind the scenes


Taro was portrayed by Ayato Nozawa (野澤絢人 Nozawa Ayato), Mizuki Nakahama (中浜水希 Nakahama Mizuki), and Hiroto Imanishi (今西啓人 Imanishi Hiroto).

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