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Knasty Knight fighting on Tarmac 3.

Tarmac 3 was a planet where Rita Repulsa unleashed Knasty Knight. He proved to be effective, making "space dust out of their finest warrior". (MMPR: "Happy Birthday, Zack")


  • The flashbacks of Knasty Knight on Tarmac 3 in Happy Birthday, Zack and the fight with Zordon's soldier in Green With Evil use the same clip from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger of Dora Knight fighting against Goushi. It is entirely possible that the two battles are one and the same. Knasty Knight appeared on Tarmac 3, making "space dust" of it's finest warrior, one of Zordon's soldiers, then taking the Sword of Darkness.
  • In the comic Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #6, it's revealed that Rita Repulsa had conquered Tarmac 3 10.000 years ago.
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