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"My master, Mons Drake. Targate of the Satellite, your most humble servant. Of course. But what do you need from me? Out here on this backwater planet..."
―Targate of the Satellite's first words when arriving in front of Mons Drake and after being thanked for coming.[src]

"I'm not finished yet... I will be Lord Drake's right hand!"
―Targate after surviving the Gosei Dynamic attack and before unleashing a shockwave as well as his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Lord Mons Drake!"
―Targate's final words before his death.[src]

Targate of the Satellite (衛星のターゲイト Eisei no Tāgeito)is a Thailago Alien (スアイラゴ星人 Suairago Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.


Targate specializes in teleportation and is one of Mons Drake's top soldiers, offering his aid in eliminating the Goseigers to take Dereputa's place as Mons Drake's right hand. The Goseigers try to first defeat him as he sinks sections of the city, but he escapes with the team pursuing him. Approaching an area where Moune was, he throws Gosei Yellow into one of his portals with a nearby Hyde running after her in order to save her. While the other Goseigers try to hold him off on their own, Moune and Hyde discover the weakness of Targate's portals through the hole they entered into the dimension with, escaping using Gosei Blue's Presshower to slip through the hole. As the team returns together and take him down. They try to destroy Targate with the Gosei Buster's Gosei Dynamic but he survives, leading the team to summon the Sawshark Header, Kuwaga Header, Hawk Header, Crow Header, and Rhino Header. They then attached them to their Gosei Blasters at him simultaneously which finally takes him down with the Sky-Land-Sea Bullet.

After being grown by Buredoran, the Goseiger defeat him with a combination of Mystic Gosei Great Mystic Strike and Datas Hyper's Datas Dynamic Crash.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Portal Creation: He can create massive "gate" portals which he can use to sink objects into another dimension, appearing inescapable except through a hidden hole which typically can't be seen due to the blinding light of the room.
  • Lightning: He can also fire yellow lightning from his eyes strong enough to take down Moune with one hit
  • Durablility: He is durable enough to survive the Gosei Buster finishing attack.
  • Shockwave: he can use shockwave that is strong enough to take down all five Goseigers with one hit.


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  • Armblade: He wields an arm blade in combat.
    • Energy Slash: His ultimate attack which he charge up his arm with scarlet energy and then unleash a massive energy slash which was strong enough to take down and de-transform Alata, Eri, and Agri with one hit.

Behind the Scenes



  • Targate is modeled after a Goliath beetle.

Concept Art


  • Targate's name comes from the film Stargate (スターゲイト Sutāgeito).
  • His home planet, "Thailago" (スアイラゴ) is "Goliath" (ゴライアス) backward.



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