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Tapir Evo (バクシンカ Bakushinka, 5) is the tapir-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

An Evolution Beast created by General Kar made to manipulate the dreams of those it attacks, most notably the children who hang out at the Yumeno Research Lab. Entering the dreams of one of the children, it forces them to have a nightmare of being attacked by monsters; then when facing the same child in reality, they and their friends end up facing an entire platoon of monsters. However when the Dynaman emerge to fight it, it decides to use its powers to create a tricky "nightmare team" of "evil Dynaman", which ends up defeating the team easily. They ultimately get the idea of having one of the children dream of the Dynaman in order to get past its defenses: by doing so, the child dreams the Dynaman fighting their evil selves as if they are "defeated"; however when the dream becomes alive again, the Dynaman end up switching places with their evil doppelgangers to crush Tapir Shinka's Tail Soldier army. They soon crush it with Super Dynamite, then destroy it with Dyna Robo after it undergoes Big Bang Process.


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Modus and Arsenal

Tapir Shinka has the ability to control dreams in multiple fashions. First whenever it is asleep, it can manipulate the dreams of others transforming them into nightmares. Second, when it faces the same person when awake, it can pull the victim's dreams (even if they were nightmares created by him) out and make them appear real to the victim and anyone else they are with. Further, it can even create "nightmare versions" of others, even if he has not entered into their dreams, to fight with them. It can also use an illusion spawning drum, throw bombs of snot from the nose, and can change its size.


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Behind the Scenes

  • The Evolution Beast refers to an animal known as the tapir, which is occasionally mixed with the mythological being known as the "Baku"; while the previous season was in reference to the "baku", this season's monster is based on the actual animal


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