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Tanukitsunegin (タヌキツネギン Tanukitsunegin) (31) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperil Army Zone, combining attributes of the racoon-dog like Tanukigin (タヌキギン Tanukigin) and the fox-like Kitsunegin (キツネギン Kitsunegin).

Character History

Tanukitsunegin is used as part of a scheme by Doldora to make the Fiveman believe that their mother, Midori, was alive and had returned to Earth. Using a film of unknown origin and date as the source, the Galactic Warrior creates the mental image of Midori's survival that broadcasts to the Fiveman, but used alongside a kung-fu movie he also liked leading to images of Gingaman as martial artists. Though Remi and Fiveman nearly fell for the illusion, they ultimately realize that it was not real and shut down the broadcast. Seething with anger, FiveYellow unleashes a torrent of attacks on the Combined Galactic Warrior until it is defeated with the Super Five Ball with Remi firing the finisher. After Gorlin #26 is used by Doldora to grow Tanukitsunegin, it tries to use physical attacks and a bowl of udon to fight, but Fiveman quickly defeat it with FiveRobo's Super-Dimensional Sword.



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  • Its main ability involves the casting of illusions, further enhanced by making its own mind become broadcast over a wide area to make anything seen by its victims appear real; this includes things that it has just seen such as images or films of those it may not have ever met. As a giant, it also uses a giant bowl of kitsune udon as a weapon, constricting its opponent with the noodles in the bowl.

Behind the Scenes


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