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Tanuki Mozoo (タヌキモズー Tanuki Mozū, 45) is the tanuki-theme Super Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

This Mozoo tried to trick the Goggle-V first by posing as Black and goes as far as impersonating Kanpei's human form, but was exposed when the Goggles told both of them to jump from extreme heights. Then he tried the same trick by posing as Pink, but was exposed when the boys executed the team pose—the impostor did not know how to follow up. Goggle V first defeated him by Golden Spear. Revived by Tanuki Kong. Goggle V used Victory Punch while Tanuki used Gerbil Bombs. Then Goggle V used Goggle Thunder, and finished Tanuki off with Earth Sword via the Electron Galaxy Cut attack.


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He could summon disguises from his belly drum, turn invisible, and use his belly drum to summon fissures.

Behind the Scenes


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