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"Foolishness! Then I, Tankjoh, greatest of the Druidon... will send you both to hell!"
―Tankjoh introducing himself to Koh and Master Red[src]

"Know this... This world once belonged to the Druidon. We will take it back!"
―Tankjoh revealing the Druidon Tribe's reason for returning to modern-day Earth.

"Damn you, Ryusoulger!"
―Final Words before his first death.[src]

"It's been a while, Kleon."
―Tankjoh meeting Kleon after his first resurrection[src]

Tankjoh (タンクジョウ Tankujō) was the first general of the Warfare Tribe Druidon to invade Earth.



Tankjoh was created along with the other Druidon generals by Eras 65 million years ago.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 43: Mother of the Druidon The Druidon tribe was originally created by Eras to eradicate the rogue Ryusoul Tribe, whose infighting and wars were damaging the Earth itself, but Tankjoh and the other Druidon generals instead attempted to conquer Earth themselves. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 46: Noble Kishiryu Their plan of conquest was interrupted by an approaching meteorite, forcing the entire Druidon Tribe to leave the Earth and drift into space as the meteor struck the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger Before leaving the Earth as the meteor approaches, Tankjoh and Gachireus destroyed all the space vessels the Ryusoul Tribe built to escape. After arguing with Gachireus about his habit of saying what he did, Tankjoh and Gachireus were assaulted by the prototype Kishiryu Dinomigo and Cobrago twins before combining into Kishiryuzin and forced the two generals to retreat and left the Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger The Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic!!

Returning to Earth with the Duridons, Tankjoh and Kleon broke into the temple to claim the power of the Kishiryu that slept in there, but they were confronted by the two Ryusoul Reds, Koh and Master Red. But as they can't transform and as he broke into the temple, Tankjoh easily overwhelmed them. Just as he was about to kill Koh with his sword, Master Red took the hit by using the Kata Soul to protect Koh and died. But as Master Red's spirit went into Koh's Ryusoul, he was able to transform again and fought against Tankjoh, who then retreated with Kleon when the temple was about to be destroyed by the Minosaur. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger

When Kleon was surrounded by Ryusoul Green and Black, he arrived to save his comrade and fought the two Ryusoulgers who were later joined by the other three. By absorbing the power of earthquakes, he launched a big blast from his chest forcing the Ryusoulgers out of their transformation. Out of anger for playing with lives and for killing his Master, a vengeful Koh fought against Tankjoh, but he overwhelmed him and soon retreated after the Cerberus Minosaur bit Towa. He appeared again enlarging himself to fight against the Ryusoulgers. He fought against KishiryuOh and was seemingly defeat by KishiryuOh MilNeedle. However, he survived the attack and overheard Kleon insulting him for being defeated saying he could've easily beaten him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 5: Hell's Watch Dog

He grew again and appears alongside another Cerberus Minosaur to destroy the city, but the five Ryusoulgers, who had recovered from the Minosaur's poison, arrived using their new combination, KishiryuOh Five Knights to fight against them. After the Cerberus Minosaur was destroyed, the Ryusoulger’s used the Five Knights Ultimate Slash to finish Tankjoh off. Although it worked, Tankjoh revealed that when he dies, the earthquake energy in his body will explode destroying anything with 10 kilometers. But the Ryusoulgers used the PukuPuku Soul to send Tankjoh flying into space and used the KishiryuOh Final Cannon to destroy him for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 6: Counterattack!! Tankjo

He was revived thanks to the Necromancer Minosaur and reunited with Kleon who was overjoyed to see him again. They were confronted by Towa and Bamba who had transformed to fight them, but not before Kleon whispered something to him. Tankjoh threw his round shots at them, but they slashed them in half and were about to finish him off when an explosion suddenly sent them flying. Tankjoh complements Kleon for his plan.

He and Kleon returned to wreack havoc in the city just as the five Ryusoulgers arrived to fight him. He threw his balls at them again only for them to be slashed in half again. Kleon summoned some Drunn Soldiers and the Ryusoulgers finished them off only to be caught in another explosion. Tankjoh revealed that his round shots contain volcanic energy in them and a spark will set off the explosions with the Ryusoulgers being unable to attack. He threw more of them around the city with Kleon attempting to use a match to set the city ablaze, only to be stopped by a revived Master Pink and the new Ryusoul Gold who used the Kurayami Soul to suck up the gas. When no other option, he grew himself to fight against KishiryuOh Five Knights and KishiRyuNeptune ShadowRaptor. But with the Ryusoulger using the Pukupuku Soul to inflate the buildings, Tankjoh was trapped and then destroyed by KishiRyuNeptune Black Hole Cannon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 21: Light and Dark Kishiryu

When Koh was dragged into the realm of the dead, Tankjoh appears telling Koh he should be happy for the dead being revived as Master Red can also be revived. With Koh hesitating for a moment, Tankjoh then attacked Koh forcing him out of his transformation and tells the Minosaur to gather more human souls to revive the dead. Koh grabs Tankjoh's leg telling him that no life is worth sacrificing, but Tankjoh swatted him aside and was about to kill him, only for Koh to be saved by Kishiryu ShineRaptor.

Tankjoh was revived again by Kleon when he sacrificed a few Drunn Soldiers. They planned to gather a lot of people to steal their souls, only for their plan to be foiled by the Ryusoulgers. He fought five of them while Koh goes into the pocket dimension to fight the Minosaur in KishiryuOh CosmoRaptor. Although Tankjoh easily took on the Ryusoulgers well, Master Pink passes her sword to Ryusoul Pink who impaled Tankjoh. He was then destroyed by Ryusoul Pink with the combined powers of the others while Koh destroyed the Necromancer Minosaur, therefore; preventing Tankjoh from reviving again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 22: The Life of the Dead!?


Tankjoh is a ruthless, sadistic Druidon warrior who wanted to defeat the Ryusoulgers and take over the world. He is prideful of his strength and is vengeful and arrogant, but is adaptable to Kleon's ideas. Brute strength is the only way to impress him, anything else he brushes off.

Powers and Abilities


  • Portal Creation: Tankjoh can create a chessboard-based laser portal to teleport himself from one place to another.
  • Strength: Tankjoh possesses enormous strength, which is evident by how he destroyed a section of a dam.
  • Seismic Absorption: Tankjoh can absorb the seismic energy of an earthquake to increase his own power and store them as checkerboard-patterned round shots.
    • Seismic Burst: As stated by Tankjoh himself, he can release all the absorbed seismic energy from his body that will destroy anything within 10 kilometers upon his death.
  • Energy Punch: Tankjoh can charge up his fist with violet-colored energy to land a powerful punch.
  • Enlarging: Tankjoh possesses the ability to enlarge himself with his stored seismic energy.
  • Laser Vision: Tankjoh can fire red lasers from his eyes.
  • Agility: Tankjoh was quick enough to dodge the PukupukuSoul's attack during his third battle with the Ryusoulgers' mecha.
  • Longevity: Tankjoh can live for millions of years.


  • Armor: Tankjoh has heavily-enforced rock-like armor that can withstand attacks.


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  • Great Sword Rooklaymore (大剣ルークレイモア Daiken Rūkureimoa): Tankjoh wields a large, watchtower-shaped sword for combat.
    • Energy Slashes: With the Rooklaymore, Tankjoh can generate multiple purple and violet energy slashes.
    • Shockwaves: Tankjoh can use his Rooklaymore to create a purple shockwave.
    • Energy Empowerment: Tankjoh can charge up his Rooklaymore with blue or purple energy to slash at full force.
  • Castlin Grander (キャスリングランダー Kyasurin Gurandā): Tankjoh is armed with a cannon in his chest capable of firing destructive red energy beams, blasts, or jets of lava after inserting round shots in the openings on the back of each shoulder.
  • Round Shots: Tankjoh is armed with checkerboard-patterned round shots filled with seismic energy. He also has other round shots he can throw which release a condensed volcanic gas that can explode when a spark is triggered.


  • Attribute: Rook Class Executive
  • Place of Distribution: Shaking Earth
  • Classification: Druidon general
  • Experience Point: 609

Behind the Scenes



  • Tankjoh's design is based on a rook chess piece and a tank.

Concept Art


  • Tankjoh's name is a combination for the English word for "tank" and tan alternate reading of the Japanese word for "castle" ( ).


  • Tankjoh is the first Druidon general to grow giant and survive an initial mecha battle.
  • Tankjoh is the first Druidon general to face KishiRyuOh Five Knights. Gachireus being the second one to do so.


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