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"I don't feel so good! I think I ate something bad!"
―Tangleweb's first words when he had eaten a Kudabot on the Galaxy Warriors stage and was about to puke it up[src]

"Don't I get a last meal?"
―Tangleweb's final words before his first death[src]

"Eight legs and eight stories tall!"
―Tangleweb's words when he was Gigantify.[src]

"Ahh! Down came the Rangers and washed the spider out!"
―Tangleweb's final words before his death.[src]

Tangleweb (tiny).jpg

Tangleweb is a Spider/Refrigerator-themed monster of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. He is the main villain of the episode "Drive to Survive.


Tangleweb was first seen about to "throw up" on Cosmo Royale, but he spits out a Kudabot tangled up in web, after being sent to earth, he goes to the high school to look for the Rangers, but to no avail, so he transforms into Spider Mode and goes inside the school. He then encounters Monty and Victor Vincent, with Victor presiding to crush him on his foot, but even small Tangleweb was able to push back Victor's foot with ease. He then grows to normal size, and Victor precedes to "fight" the monster by doing a laughable montage of Karate moves, but Tangleweb simply uses his Webbing Breath to tie up both Victor and Monty, causing them to move aside to find the Rangers.

In the park he finds the Red, Blue, Pink and White Rangers with a Buzzcam watching on. The four Rangers morphed and were about to take on Tangleweb, but the spider monster then used his Vortex Mode to suck up the Rangers, he successfully managed to capture the Blue, Pink and White Rangers in his internal prison, he comes down and the Red Ranger was left to take on this monster alone, he has the upper hand at first and manages to land clean hits on the monster, but Tangleweb transform into his Vortex Mode again and is far stronger for the Red Ranger to hold on, meanwhile the Yellow Ranger (who was out changeling his clothes after the riding accident) comes in to witness the Red Ranger getting sucked into Tangleweb's mouth, before the Yellow Ranger can help out Tangleweb escapes to take a little "cat nap."

He latter returns and encounters the Yellow Ranger, the Yellow Ranger went head first before Tanglewep transform into his Vortex Mode, he successfully manage to suck him up too, but the Yellow Ranger manages to overcome his fear of diving by using his new Mega Morph Cycle to drive out of Tangleweb's stomach backpack, and also manages to cause the monster to burp out the Red, Blue, Pink and White Rangers as well, this cause Tangleweb to get angry, but the Pink Ranger used the Ninja Water Attack to cause a fog to appear around the spider monster, the Red Ranger tryed to use the Arrow Blast, but that missed and causes Tangleweb to relized the Rangers' position, but it was actually a trick for the Yellow Ranger to do a sneak attack on the monster's back, when he turns around, he gets hit in the back again by the Blue and White Rangers' Blade Slash, with Tangleweb weakened, the Rangers transform their weapons for Hyper Mode and combined the Pink and White Rangers' Hyper Arrow Blast, the Yellow and Blue Rangers' Hyper Blade Slash and the Red Ranger's Hyper Claw Shred to destroy Tangleweb.

However, he was soon Gigantified and the Rangers summon the Ninja Steel Zords to take on Tangleweb, they had the upper hand at first, but things were heating up when Tangleweb used his Supporting Legs to push back Robo Red Zord and used his Webbing Breath on all of the Rangers' Zords, however, Mick gave the Red Ranger a new Zord, the Green Rumble Tusk Zord, with the new Zord, the Red Ranger was able to break free and ride on the Ruble Tusk Zord, Tangleweb attempted to use his Webbing Breath on the Zord, but the Ruble Tusk Zord easily sucked it up into its trunk using Sucktion Mode (much to Tanglewebs shock) and blows it back at the monster, and allowing the Red Ranger to also free the other Rangers and their Zords, but Tangleweb wasn't finish yet, so the Red Ranger transformed the Ruble Tusk Zord into its Ninja Zord Mode, the Rumble Tusk Ninja Zord Mode had the upper hand thanks to its Ninja Cannon Blast and blasted Tangleweb's back legs, and then it combined with the Ninja Steel Megazord to form a new Megazord combination, the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord, this Megazord makes a beat down on this Spider Monster and with the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord Double Axe Final Attack, Tangleweb is destroyed for good.


Tangleweb was always a lookout for meals and will do anything in his power to destroy the Rangers, he talks in a raspy voice.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Tangleweb was surprisingly strong for such an early monster, being able to take down each Ranger with one hit.
  • Durability: Tangleweb was able to take a lot of strong hits and be unfazed such as a strike to the fridge on his back from Calvin's Battle Morpher Claw Mode's Claw Shred and Hayley and Preston's Battle Morpher Blade Mode Blade Slash which merely knocked him down.
  • Webbing Breath: Tangleweb can spit huge web strings from his mouth that can entrap multiple victims. These were powerful enough to tie up the Zords and Rangers and remain intact despite them resisting.
  • Web Gag: Tanglewab can also gag up anything he ate back up from his stomach, the victim would be seen tied as shown after he barfed up a Kudabot.
  • Vortex Mode: Tangleweb can turn himself into a purple vortex that consumes everything in its path.
  • Fast Reactions: Tangleweb was able to dodge Brody's Arrow Blast whilst inside the mist from the Element Star Ninja Water Attack.
  • Web Entrapment: Almost everything inside him would be covered with spider webs.
  • Spider Mode: Tangleweb can shrink himself down to the size of an ordinary spider. In this mode, Tangleweb still retains his normal-sized strength, holding up Victor who tried to step on him in this form.


  • Spider Claws: Tangleweb possesses large clawed hands for combat.
  • Support Legs: Being a fridge themed monster, Tangleweb possessed four legs on his back that enable him to attack his foes from behind him. It could take a double slash from Brody's Star Blade without showing the damage or fazing its user.
    • Inner Prison: Tangleweb's leg container contained the captured Rangers and the inside was so strong that Preston's Ninja Blast had no effect on it. The only thing that could break through it and release the Rangers was the Mega Morph Cycles' Plasma Blast.
  • Legs: Attached to the fridge on his back are a set of blade tipped spider legs. These legs were armed with knives that oddly somewhat resemble ice skates and can stretch.

Behind the Scenes


  • Tangleweb is voiced by Jamie Linehan.


  • Tangleweb is the first monster to be destroyed by the Rumble Tusk Ninja Steel Megazord.
  • Tangleweb is the first Ninja Steel monster to be based on an arachnid.
  • Despite being a spider, his color scheme actually bears a strong resemblance to a bumblebee.
  • Tangleweb is very similar to Tarantabot, a monster from Power Rangers Zeo.
    • Both monsters are spider-themed.
    • Both monsters can spew out a web from their mouths.
    • Both monsters were able to out match a Zord in battle.
    • Both monsters get fought by a new Zord and new Megazord combination.
  • Tangleweb is also similar to Arachnor, a monster from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
    • Both monsters are spider-themed.
    • Both monsters can spew out a web from their mouths.
    • Both monsters were able to capture four out of five Rangers.


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