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Taming of the Zords is the thirty-first episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Animus/Kite arc.


Jindrax and Toxica recruit the Lion Tamer Org, an Org with the ability to control Humans, animals, and Zords with the crack of a whip. The Rangers battle for control of the Wild Zords against Lion Tamer Org. The Zords are broken free of the Org's spell by Kite, who displays some mysterious powers.


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  • For some reason, Lion Tamer Org didn't attempt to take control of the Predazord after Merrick had been ejected.
  • The Rangers didn't think of summoning the Falconzord to take on the rogue Megazords, only calling on it to form the Isis Megazord after the others had been released from the spell.
  • In the final scene, Merrick seemed to be walking towards the Megazords with the others seemingly looking up at them but then the last shot showed the Megazords behind him.

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