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"Guided Shooting! Kiramai Yellow!"
―Kiramai Yellow's Roll Call[src]

"Guided Shooting! Kiramai Shovellow!"
―Shovellow's Roll Call while in Tametomo's body[src]

Tametomo Imizu (射水 為朝 Imizu Tametomo) is Kiramai Yellow (キラメイイェロー Kiramei Ierō), the Yellow Ranger of the Kiramagers and is second-in-command to Kiramai Red.

Character History

Young Tametomo playing video games with his grandfather

Tametomo grew up under the knowledge of his grandfather, who taught him the basics he still employs in the present. However, when he recieved a video game from him that wasn't what he wanted, he asked for it to be returned, and subsequently shut out his grandpa in the end when he couldn't. He quickly found himself overcome with guilt when he died of a heart attack, and it was this relationship that allows him to tolerate Shovellow.


Tametomo is characterized by his stern, cocky and sometimes arrogant hotshot attitude, but still laid back at times when it counts. An E-Sports star shooter, he effortlessly handles the fight if ranged weapons are in play. He constantly gets on the nerves of his partner Shovellow, who to his chagrin, criticizes his abilities whenever he gets the chance. His cocky side also made him less than accepting of Juru when the highschooler failed to recognize him, which worsened when he chose an excavator for his partner's new form. Despite this, he has a good heart, and a few times he will take the lead, though it'll take time before he can fully accept a person. Tametomo himself has admitted that he is horrible at playing instruments, but his singing voice is exceptionally off the charts.

Kiramai Yellow

Kiramai Yellow

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]



Go Kiramai Yellow

Go Kiramai Yellow (Center version)



Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 26-28

Behind the Scenes


Tametomo Imizu is portrayed by Rui Kihara (木原 瑠生 Kihara Rui). as Kiramai Yellow, his suit actor is Masato Tsutamune (蔦宗 正人 Tsutamune Masato), who previously served as suit actor for Ryusoul Green.


  • Humorously, he is the only Sentai Ranger on his team whom Juru hasn't recognized from their pre-Ranger lives. Additionally, he angrily scolded him upon Shovellow's new chosen form to be an excavator saying that whereas everyone else had a form based on the Kiramager's personality, he only got an excavator because his Stone is yellow.
  • He is the first Reiwa era Yellow Ranger.
  • His rollcall catchphrase identifies him as the "Guided Shooting," making him the first Sentai member since Ian Yorkland (KyoryuBlack) to vocally pride himself on being a gunslinger and accurate marksman.
  • He is the first Yellow Ranger since Gaku Washio to be replaced by Red Ranger as the new team leader.
    • He is also the first Yellow Ranger to be second-in-command since Leo.
  • Tametomo is the first Sentai Yellow Ranger since Ran Uzaki to announce themselves after their teams Red Ranger in their teams rollcall order.
  • Tametomo is also the first male Yellow Ranger since Spada from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.
  • Tametomo is the fourth Sentai Ranger to have hair as a color representing their Ranger color (excluding Black Rangers with black hair).



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