I'm currently watching through all of PR, reading these pages as I go, and I just got to this episode. I've deleted this from the notes:

  • When Jayden is facing off against Master Xandred with the Bullzooka in hand Emily says "Jayden hold on" before Kevin says "Don't do it". Jayden then says "Emily is right, I have to try" but the tone of Emily's voice does not imply whether or not she really wanted Jayden to proceed or to "hold on" as in wait and think about what he is doing. It's unknown if this is an error in editing, a purposeful misconception to show Jayden's desire to continue, or a poorly portrayed line. It should be noted it would be very out of character for the caring and concerned Emily to insist Jayden continue to fight at the risk of hurting himself.

This is a bit clearer while wearing headphones, but Jayden is not the one who says "Emily's right," that's Kevin.

The dialogue goes like this:

Emily: "Jayden, hold on!"

Antonio: "Jayden, don't do it!" Kevin: "Emily's right." Jayden: "I have to try!"

I will admit that Antonio does sound a lot like Kevin in that clip, but the sound design for their dialogue has Kevin a little louder than everyone else, which I believe is because the camera has zoomed in a bit keeping him in frame (at the bottom of the frame) until he finishes delivering his line. It quickly then zooms in, and Jayden doesn't speak until the next camera framing.

Foximus (talk) 18:15, January 20, 2019 (UTC)

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