Toqger question

do we know if Toq 7 (Purple) will be in this as well? Chasemarc (talk) 23:54, October 28, 2015 (UTC)

Everything that is known at this time is on the page. We only post facts, so you can be assured that if it is on there it will happen unless they announce a change of plans.  Nbajammer  Talk  RW  KR  MH  TK  KI  JD  Garo  TH  CG  UM  GZ  TF  GoT  48  BS  SH  SI  TFs  FF  SO  RE  GA  CT  DQ  23:58,10/28/2015 

Latest official title

The title for the VS movie will be Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger the Movie: Ninja in Wonderland.   Triagusns.saga  Talk  KR  PR/SS  BSG (id.)  ChiBi (id.)  10:44,11/16/2015 

And here's an english source: --RedLegend1 (talk) 00:25, November 19, 2015 (UTC)
If someone can get me an updated Nihongo, I'll update that as well.  Nbajammer  Talk  RW  KR  MH  TK  KI  JD  Garo  TH  CG  UM  GZ  TF  GoT  48  BS  SH  SI  TFs  FF  SO  RE  GA  CT  DQ  00:32,11/19/2015 

Movie Exclusive Combo

Here is a list of the mecha likely to appear in the movie, other than what will debut. Lion Ha-Oh, Bisonking, Toq-oh, Build Dai-Oh, and ShurikenjinAgentjx (talk) 15:10, November 19, 2015 (UTC)

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