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Turbo Rage Megazord

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In The DVD Continuation Of Power Rangers RPM, The Ranger Operators Have Made A New Configuration. When The The Zenith Megazord Combine With The Air Assult Vehicles, It Becomes The Turbo Rage Megazord.


The Transformation Starts Of As The High Octane Megazord Folds In Its Arms, Turns Its Arms Around And Folds Them Out For The Falcon Copter And Tiger Jet. Then The Valvemax Megazord Splits In Half, Especilly The Helmet. The Body Turns Into The Feet, The High Octane Megazord, Falcon Copter And Tiger Jet Come In, The Arms And Feet Are Attached, Then The Helmet Is Formed Onto The Megazord And Finally The Falcon Copter And Tiger Jet Become Shoulder Cannons And The Falcon Copter's Rotors Are Closed.

Note: The Transformation Is Like The Thunderstorm Megazord's.

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Update Allies

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