My thoughts about Nadira. Well on returning to the future from the year 2001 she's become a changed person since she was shown that not all humans were really wicked as she thought when she delivered a baby in the past. So she might have got that from her own mother who possibly passed away when Nadira was born. Still she grew up with her father's love and influence to become the wicked villian she was, although she never knew her own mother from the beginning.

And then she started to like Lucas as a good person when he sat her up into community service by working with children. with rumours going on about lucas' feelings for Nadira, I'd probably like to believe like all others, that eventually Lucas started to fall in love with Nadira, sharing race car rides with her and giving her a liking for cars before looking into and sharing common interests which made their relationship strong.

I'd say they probably end up married sometime in the future and in a way it represents the union of two worlds which brings a new Hope for those divided.

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