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―Takumigami's first words after Sakura stopped multiple cannon balls of his with her Survi-Buster.[src]

―Takumigami upon being enlarged.[src]

―Takumigami when being hit for the first time by DaiBouken Shovel's finisher and his final words before his death.[src]

Takumigami (タクミガミ) is a Tsukumogami created by Dark Shadow.

Character History

Created from an old harquebus and a new factory, he possessed the power to ingest blueprints and use the design to alter his body. Takumigami was first seen with Shizuka of the Wind when they tried to steal the Imperial Pearl from a Japanese man and planned to kill him until the Boukengers arrived. He fought Bouken Pink but was massively outclassed and forced to retreat as Shizuka went after the Pearl. He later managed to ingest the Imperial Jewel (which fell into the hands of a young boy for a time) to assume the form of the Biopanzer. Takumigami turned himself into the Biopanzer using the blueprint that hidden under the jewel. Under Shizuka's orders, he terrorised the city using it in order to attract the highest bidder for it's jewel. It wasn't until Bouken Pink and Bouken Red piloted GoGo Shovel and GoGo Dump stopped it with the Shovel Stop, forcing Takumigami to vomit the jewel and return to his Tsukumogami form. GoGo Shove]'s Shovel Swing, forcing him to vomit the bit. He was then turned into an Oogami and was terminated by DaiBouken Shovel's Shovel Knuckle. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Task 5: The Imperial Pearl

He was later among the fallen Tsukumogami that was revived by Gekkou of Illusions via revival technique but they were defeated by the Boukengers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-GoGo Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious



Powers and Abilities
Shoulder Cannon
Using his harquebus half, Takumigami possess a huge shoulder cannon on his left shoulder that can launch cannonballs from ranged distance.
Enhanced Inventing/Crafting
By reading desired blueprints, Takumigami can invent scientifically complex machinery, electronics, devices, gadgetry or weaponry by withdrawing necessary components from nearby places. In certain cases, he can even turn himself into the object he invented, using the Imperial pearl to transform into Biopanzer.

Super Giant Tank Biopanzer (超巨大戦車ビオパンツァー Chō Kyodai Sensha Biopantsā) is a buzzsaw tank form that was achieved by Takumigami after he swallowed the Imperial Jewel. In terms of strength, the Biopanzer was armed with a gigantic buzzsaw and capable of moving on its threads. Its strength even rivals that of GoGo Shovel.


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