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"Piercing Shining! Kiramai Silver!"
―Kiramai Silver's Roll Call[src]

"Let me show you a wonder!"
―Kiramai Silver's Pre Battle Catchphrase.[src]

―Kiramai Silver's Battle Catchphrase.[src]

Takamichi Hakataminami (博多南 宝路 Hakataminami Takamichi), also known as Takamichi Crystalia (クリスタリア宝路 Kurisutaria Takamichi) is Kiramai Silver (キラメイシルバー Kiramei Shirubā), the Sixth Ranger and the Silver Ranger of the Kiramagers. He is 47 years old, making him the oldest Kiramager. However, due to a Kiramai Stone implanted in his body, he looks 17. He is also the biological older brother of Muryou Hakataminami, the adopted older brother of Princess Mabushina, the adopted son of King Oradin and Queen Mabayuine, and the adopted nephew of Galza.

When he was briefly possessed by Jamental power from Galza, he turned into Dark Kiramai Silver (ダークキラマイシルバー Dāku Kiramei Shirubā) an evil version of Kiramai Silver.

Character History

Early Life

Takamichi Crystalia was born two years earlier than his brother Muryou Hakataminami. 30 years ago, at the age of 17 when he was still a high schooler, he was introduced to King Oradin, a friend of his father. During Valentine’s Day, Takamichi accepted chocolates from his former crush Akiho Ikematau, and made a promise to her that he would give her marshmallows, her preferred sweets, on White Day. However, a misunderstanding from her overhearing that Takamichi didn't think anything of their relationship while he was joking around with his classmates and Akiho interpreting that he didn't like her ended up putting a rift in their potential relationship. In truth, he was too shy to gratefully confess his gratitude to Akiho.

Takamichi as the prince of Crystalia

Takamichi later went on an expedition with his father and King Oradin who had already an already filled notebook of locations for powerful stones. When Takamichi started digging, the treasure revealed itself to be a Monstone and went into Takamichi. With his life in danger, Oradin brought Takamichi to Crystalia and implanted a Silver Kiramai Stone into his body to dampen the effects of the Monstone. This also prevented him from being able to apologize and clear up the misunderstanding he had with Akiho until 30 years later.

Takamichi before going to Crystalia

Afterwards, Takamichi was adopted as the prince of the Crystalian Kingdom and met the kingdom’s sole heir, Princess Mabushina. During his time in Crystalia, he came spoke at length with Galza, who manipulated him into believing that he did better when he worked alone than alongside others. Sometime after, he, Queen Mabayuine, and King Oradin went after the Witch of the Stagnant Sea Numajo to put an end to her curses using Aqua Kiramai Stone's power. They ended up failing to repel her attacks after her sister appeared to spit poison on the Aqua Kiramai Stone which made its sheen dull, losing Aqua's power allowed Numajo to place a killing curse on all of Oradin's loved one's. After the Queen's death, Galza confided in Takamichi with false hopes about a way to save his sister while also pointing out that King Oradin's notebook has details of every potential location a valuble stone could be found. Initially, Galza didn't believe that this treasure hunt would actually garner anything of use and that it wouldn't cause problems for him in the future, though this changes in Episode 18. This corrupted Takamichi's thinking into believing that the best way to prevent the same fate from happening to his sister was by acting coldly to her and leaving Crystalia to go "treasure hunting" for the Kanaema Stones, which grants a wish that he believed can remove Numajo's curse. Takamichi took the Shiny Kiramai Changer, Shiny Breaker, and King Oradin's notebook along with him as he searched the locations where King Oradin has been. He left around the same time period where Crystalia fell in which Galza took advantage of an exhausted Oradin and an absent Takamichi in order to complete the Yodonheim invasion.

Present Day

Takamichi first appears where he discovers Sayo Oharu laying against a rock with a sprained ankle. She experienced a series of unfortunate events after she assisted in an emergency regarding stranded hikers. He uses what he calls "Wonder Medicine" to heal her ankle, which she initially refused would work due to her medical background. It turns out that even after hearing that Crystalia fell during the Yodonheim invasion, he only returned to visit his brother Muryo to collect his specially made vehicle Drijan in order to continue his treasure hunting.

After unearthing the Monstone that went to inhabit Meteorite Jamen, Takamichi introduces himself as Takamichi Crystalia in front of the Kiramagers. Then once Meteorite Jamen was defeated, Mabushina approaches Takamichi and slaps him, blaming him for what had happened to their home and their father because of his absence to go treasure hunting.Tvicon.pngEpisode 12: Wonder Drill Boy

Back in CARAT, Mabushina continues to refuse to talk about Takamichi after being questioned by Juru. This prompts the Mashins to explain Takamichi's backstory of how he became Prince of Crystalia and why King Oradin was on Earth to a nosy Juru. Mabushina only pipes up in the end after Juru optimistically talks about Takamichi helping, to say that the treasure hunting ruined her brother. Takamichi then comes in to CARAT to look for his brother and find the whereabouts of the secret vehicle he requested that was supposed to be finished today. After calling Muryou who continues to delay the deployment of Drijan in order to have another few hours to finish, Takamamichi demands that he finishes in 30 minutes instead. A Yodon signal then interrupts Tametomo's scolding about how Takamichi should properly refer to Muryou. Despite rejecting Juru's invitation to help out in stopping Haejigoku Shellga, Takamichi shows up twice to assist in resucing a lady and a child from the clutches of the flytrap tentacle arms. Then, Takamichi whisks Sayo Oharu away to help him in his treasure hunting, in which she accurately locates the treasure in a cave opposite of that of a bluff resembling a tiger's face. The Kiramagers then realize that the Jamen was underground after examining the cut tentacles that held the girl saved by Takamichi. This showmanship of care for the wellbeing of others helps Juru realize that Takamichi was hiding from everyone and that this treasure hunt was a coverup for something he was doing on the behalf of someone else. After Juru confronts Takamichi in CARAT, Muryou suggests to Takamichi that he should help assist the team. After using Drijan to dig a hole faster than Shovellow could, he and Mashins Fire, Shovellow, Mach, and Kiramai Red, Yellow, and Green go down to face Haejigoku Shellga where they quickly dispatch it. Soon after, Galza appears on Smog Jouki and exits the cockpit to duel Takamichi. He taunts him about the treasure hunt in order to distract Takamichi from delivering a final blow. After Galza extends his invitation to joining his side and assisting in Takamichi's quest, he leaves on Smog Jouki. Back at CARAT, Takamichi refuses to shake Juru's hand and continues to proclaim that treasure hunting is all he cares about. Soon after, Muryou reveals to the Kiramagers that he was 15 years old when Takamichi left for Crystalia. He then explains that though they are only 2 years apart in age, the Silver Kiramai Stone made Takamichi age slower, prompting Takamichi to do a Showa sign-off as he exists CARAT. Tvicon.pngEpisode 13: Great Underground War

Later, Takamichi is still under the presumption that he is stronger when he worked alone which inhibited the effectiveness of the Kiramger team as they fought Steam Locomotive Jamen. Only after the destruction of the bathhouse and losing his Shiny Kiramai changer does it force him to reflect how difficult it was to do things by himself. After Juru's, Shovellow Corps', and Mashin Duston's help in clearing the rubble to find his changer does he remember that Galza tricked him and that he was only sabotaging himself when he refused a helping hand. This allows him to accept being a part of a team and their teamwork allows them to defeat Galza and the Steam Locomotive Jamen. Tvicon.pngEpisode 14: Lonely Ace

After finding the location of the mansion through King Oradin's Notebook, Takamichi goes in to investigate only to be greeted by a disguised Whac-A-Mole Jamen in his human form. The Jamen outlines the rules of his game and that the winner could walk away with riches. Takamichi, while initially disinterested, notices a Kanaema Stone sitting atop a grandfather clock in the projection created by the Jamen, which motivates him into joining the game. After getting knocked around by the Whac-A-Mole game, Takamichi returns to CARAT to enlist the help of what he refered to as "pro gamer", Tametomo, in order to win the treasure. Juru accompanies the two of them as they revist the mansion and uses his imagination to combine Mashin Shovellow in his Yellow Kiramai Stone form and his Kiramai Sword into a hammer. Whac-A-Mole Jamen now realizing that he attracted the attention of the Kiramagers, puts on his Jamen mask to reveal to the three of them that this was all a trap to turn humans who played his game into cards in order to gather dark energy. Soon after, Carantula sends Hammer Basra which pulls Juru away, leaving Tametomo with Takamichi to play the game. While inside the mansion, the "surprise boss" of the game was Galza attempting to halt their progress. With Takamichi dueling Galza outside the mansion, Galza sent a Dark Energy Slash strike containing his concentrated Jamentality into Takamichi and promptly leaving. Tametomo manages to defeat Whac-A-Mole Jamen while giving a speech about how the whole Kiramager team was doing this on the behalf of Takamichi, which warms the heart of an eavesdropping Takamichi. Takamichi feeling touched decides to leave the Kanaema Stone behind in order to assist the Kiramagers in defeating Hammer Basra using Mashin Drijan. After the whole team is unable to damage Hammer Basra, Takamichi calls Muryou to question how to activate the Mashin mech form in which Muryou stated that it would need a large power source like that of a Silver Kiramai Stone to run it. Realizing that he had a Silver Kiramai stone in his body, Takamichi turns into his stone form and becomes a part of Mashin Drijan to form Mashin Henkei GigantDriller. Soon after the battle, Takamichi reveals to the Kiramagers that the real reason he was on a treasure hunt was so that he could wish for a way to undo something on Mabushina that would lead her to die soon. He then makes everyone promise that they would keep it a secret between them and keep Mabushina out of the loop. Tvicon.pngEpisode 17: The Mansion's Rare Stone

After recovering the Destoria Kanaema Stone from the mansion and explaining the real reason of the treasure hunt to everyone but Mabushina. Takamichi begins to feel the Monstone acting up within him and runs to the top of CARAT to avoid breaking down in front of the Kiramagers. Worried, Juru and Mabushina rush atop to find Galza holding Takamichi as he quickly becomes consumed by the powered up Monstone. This turns Takamichi into an evil version of his Ranger form, which then reveals that what he did during the previous battle, giving the Monstone within Takamichi enough energy to awaken from its dormant state since it just needed a power boost to take him over. Takamichi immediately fires off a blast from the Shiny Breaker so that Juru is forced to transform to protect Princess Mabushina which allows him to escape with Galza. They go to an underground parking lot where Galza tells Takamichi to massacre the human race although the Kiramagers arrive and Takamichi has to do battle with them. He takes down Sena and Tametomo with energy slashes from the Shiny Breaker as well as Sayo with a kick to the gut. Shiguru and Juru try to restrain him but he breaks free and drills into the ground which wipes them all out. Sayo tries to make him see reason but is smacked down and even Tametomo's Kiramai Shot blasts are cancelled out and then overtaken by the Shiny Breaker's shots which take him down as well. Shiguru and Sena try to restrain him but are double kicked and sent flying across the parking lot. It temporarily loses control when Juru hugs him but Takamichi reveals that he has to die to truly stop this madness though the Monstone regains control and sends Juru flying with a kick. He then charged up his Shiny Breaker and combines his firepower with Galza which allows them to even break through Juru's Kiramai Shield and hurt him badly before they left.

Later, Takamichi starts to destroy buildings in the city with the Shiny Breaker which gathers massive amounts of dark energy into Galza though he continues fighting the control as the Kiramagers arrive. As the other four Kiramagers fight Galza, Juru takes on Takamichi and manages to restrain him only to be elbowed in the helmet and being pushed back as Takamichi questions why he won't properly fight back. Fortunately, Takamichi regains control long enough for Juru to kill him but he instead used the Destoria Kiramai Stone (recently recieved from King Oradin's spirit after the previous fight put him in a coma) by placing it on his chest. The influence of the Destoria Stone forcibly ejects the Monstone from Takamichi's body, now dark bluey-purple in color before it immediately explodes into rock chunks. However, after Galza survives the Kiramai Rush Stream, he unleashes his dark energy which reassembles Takamichi's Monstone. However, with the combination of both dark energy and Calamentality, it is able to enlarge into the gigantic Jaaku Monstone. The Kiramagers form Kiramaizin and GigantDriller which are overpowered by the Jaaku Monstone and Smog Jouki until Juru has the idea to combine Mashins Shovellow, Duston, and Magellan with GiganDriller to form GigantDriller Giga-mori Special. Using the increase of power, it overwhelms the Jaaku Monstone and destroys it with the Gigant Crash Special, curing Takamichi of his fatal disease once and for all. Tvicon.pngEpisode 18: Darkness

After the death of Emperor Yodon, Takamichi decides to move back to Crystalia and help now-Queen Mabushina rule. Tvicon.pngEpisode FINAL: You Guys Shined


Takamichi is loyal, positive, and very sentimental. He is also very impulsive and stubborn, which more often than not, lands him in tough situations that require assistance. Takamichi often uses English words in his speech, especially the word "wonder", in "Wonder Cute" and "Wonder Thank You" as well as "shiny". In the early episodes since his appearance, he tended to put on a brave face to hide his true feelings, but later opened up more to the Kiramagers after they assisted him many times.

As observed by Juru Atsuta, Takamichi is a kind and caring person deep down, who loves helping people and seeing them smile, yet pretends to act cold-hearted and selfish. He is shown to have happily greeted Mabushina before she berated him for his absence. Takamichi also has a habit of suddenly changing moods (such as going from disappointed/serious to happy and animated) when things don't go his way. Takamichi also was tricked into following Galza's advice about going solo, meaning he rarely accepted assistance. Though after he lost his Shiny Kiramai Changer, he realized that Galza was trying to sabotage him, which was something that he ignored in order to stoke his ego. Most of these mood shifts and his aloof personality stems from keeping secrets that involves the potential loss of his sister. Rather than letting her get involved, he started to act uncaring instead of letting her know the truth.

When Muryou reveals Takamichi to be a Showa Era individual, Takamichi leaves the CARAT base by doing what Muryou says was a common Showa sign-off.

He is also a bit of a flatterer as he gives ample compliments to Sayo OharuSena Hayami, Mabushina, and various other women based on their beauty and looks or whether they assisted him. A phrase he often uses to give praise is, "Wonder Cute".


  • King Oradin - Adoptive father (originally deceased, later revived as Mashin Oradin)
  • Queen Mabayuine - Adoptive mother (originally deceased, later revived through her headdress stone)
  • Princess Mabushina - Adoptive younger sister
  • Galza - Adoptive paternal uncle
  • Muryou Hakataminami - Biological younger brother
  • Mr. Hakataminami - Biological father

Powers and Abilities

  • Decelerated Aging: Due to the Silver Kiramai Stone in his body, he ages at a much slower rate than normal humans, to the point that he looks 17 even when he's 47.
  • Superhuman Strength: Due to the stone in his body, Kiramai Silver is incredibly strong, able to stop a large quarry truck with just his legs and hold his own against foes that require all 5 main Kiramagers to handle as well as pull Fishing Rod Jamen clean out of a Yodonheim portal just by the Jamenshi's fishing line alone.
  • Telepathy: Due to the stones in his body, he can reach out and speak to Mabushina telepathically.
  • Experience: As Takamichi has fought alongside both King Oradin and Queen Mabayuine, he is a lot more experienced in dealing with Yodonheim members than the core Kiramagers.
  • Swordsmanship: Early in his life on Crystalia, he trained in their sword style and was quite proficient in it. However, after a failed duel with his uncle, Garza, he gave up practicing swordsmanship in favor of his Shiny Breaker weapon.


  • Althaiophobia (formerly): Takamichi has a fear of marshmallows, due to a painful memory from his high school youth involving the failure to give marshmallows as a way to apologize for hurting Akiho because of a misunderstanding. Thanks to Sena’s encouragement, he eventually got over this fear, and apologizes to Akiho.Tvicon.pngEpisode 16: Marshmallow Royale.


Kiramai Silver

Kiramai Silver (goggles down)

"(Rock music) Oh, Shiny!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Using the Shiny Kiramai Changer, Takamichi can access his Kiramager Form by pressing on the middle button that symbolizes his Kiramager Helmet and then spins the disc to transform into his Kiramager Form allowing him to become Kiramai Silver. In this form he has access to his Shiny Breaker and his personal mecha that he can use in battle against Yodonheim and their Jamenshi. In one of the previous episodes of Kiramager, Kiramai Silver also obtained the Mashin Express and used it in battle. Kiramai Silver's suit design differs from the Kiramagers, most notably with his pouch attached to his thigh, his goggles, and his arm guards being a different color than his base suit.




  • Shining Beam Attack (シャイニングビームアタック Shainingu Bīmu Atakku): Kiramai Silver's signature attack where he charges up the Shiny Breaker and shoots a giant energy drill bit that bores through the opponent until they are obliterated.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 12-23, Mashin Sentai Kiramager The Movie: Bee-Bop Dream, 24-28, 30-32, 34-45

Dark Kiramai Silver

"(Dark Rock music) (Evil Laugh)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Ever since the Monstone entered his body 30 years ago, it had been kept in check by the Silver Kiramai Stone. Until Galza sent a Dark Energy Slash strike containing his concentrated Jamentality into Takamichi during a duel in Calamentality. This powered up the Monstone into becoming a Jaaku Monstone which obeys every command issued by Galza. Now that the Monstone had full control of Takamichi's body, it can make him change into an evil variation of his original Kiramager Form, called Dark Kiramai Silver. Using the Yodon Changer, the possessed Takamichi can access his Dark Kiramager Form by pressing on the middle button that symbolizes a monster face and then spins the disc to transform into Dark Kiramai Silver. Occasionally, Takamichi can still talk while possessed and can even wrench himself free from the control of the Monstone, but not before losing the battle of wills. While in this form, the dark energy he gathers goes over to Galza empowering him instead.


Appearances: This form is exclusive to Episode 18.

"(Rock music) Oh, Excellent!"
―Shining Kiramai Stone transformation sound[src]

Kiramai Silver can also change into a Silver Kiramai Stone. Known as the Shining Kiramai Stone, in this form, he can combine with Drijan into GigantDriller, which essentially gives his mind a bigger body to control. This happened due to the GigantDriller needing a larger power source if it wanted to stay a mech and seeing that he himself had a rare Silver Kiramai Stone in his body with the energy output capable of running it, Takamichi combined with Drijan.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 17-20, 22, 24-29, 31, 33-34, 36-37, 40-41, 44-45

Transformation and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes


Takamichi Crystalia is portrayed by Kohei Shoji (庄司浩平 Shōji Kōhei). As Kiramai Silver, his suit actor is Masashi Takada (高田将司 Takada Masashi), who previously served as the suit actor for Ryusoul Blue. Takada is also the suit actor for GigantDriller, given that the mecha is essentially a robot version of Kiramai Silver.


  • Takamichi's last name is actually his adopted planet's name that he uses as a different persona.
  • Takamichi is the first Ranger in Super Sentai history, to kiss a female Ranger on-screen.
  • Despite being turned into a half-Crystalian, Takamichi retained his human form, lacking any crystalline body parts to speak of, but the majority of weaknesses from his human side.
  • For Takamichi's first onscreen roll call, the Shiny Breaker was featured instead of Mashin Drijan, which was used following his next roll call.
  • Takamichi is the first Sixth Ranger of the Reiwa Era to use a weapon used by the Core Members of his team- using their sidearm/sword to duel Garza.



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