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"Piercing Shining! Kiramai Silver!"
―Kiramai Silver's Roll Call[src]

"Let me show you a wonder!"
―Kiramai Silver's Pre Battle Catchphrase

Takamichi Crystalia (クリスタリア たかみち Kurisutaria Takamichi), born Takamichi Hakataminami (はかみなみ たかみち Hakataminami Takamichi)Episode 13: Great Underground War, is Kiramai Silver (キラメイシルバー Kiramei Shirubā), the 6th Ranger and the Silver Ranger of the Kiramagers. He is 47 years old, making him the oldest Kiramager, who is also the biological long-lost older brother of Muryou Hakataminami, the adopted older brother of Princess Mabushina, the adopted son of King Oradin, and the adopted nephew of Galza.

Character History


Takamichi Crystalia was born two years earlier than his brother Muryou Hakataminami.

Thirty years ago, back when Takamichi was a normal Earth human and 17 years old, he was introduced to King Oradin, a friend of his father. During an expedition with the king, Takamichi was in the middle of digging an unearthed treasure at a forest. Unfortunately, the treasure was revealed to be a Monstone. The Monstone went into Takamichi, endangering his life. Oradin brought Takamichi to Crystalia and implanted a Kiramai Stone into his body to regulate the effect of the Monstone.


Takamichi before going to Crystalia

Afterwards, Takamichi was adopted as the prince of the Crystalian Kingdom and met the kingdom’s sole heir, Princess Mabushina. Also, during his time in Crystalia, he came into contact with Galza, after which he developed resentment to his adopted uncle. Later, for some unknown reasons, he seemingly had a change of heart and planned to return to Earth for treasure hunting, taking both the Shiny Kiramai Changer and Shiny Breaker along with him, disregarding Mabushina's objection.


Takamichi first appears where he discovers Sayo Oharu laying against a rock with a sprained ankle after she experienced a string of bad luck attending to an emergency regarding stranded hikers. He uses what he calls "Wonder Medicine" to heal her ankle, which she initially disbelieved would work thanks to her medical background.

Later, he introduces himself as Takamichi Crystalia to Meteorite Jamen in front of the Kiramagers, surprising them. After the defeat of Meteorite Jamen and gaining their admiration, Mabushina approaches Takamichi and slaps him, blaming him for what had happened to their home and their father because of his treasure hunting habits.Episode 12: Wonder Drill Boy

After being brought to CARAT, he reunites with his long-lost younger brother Muryou and eventually learned of Galza’s betrayal.Episode 13: Great Underground War


Takamichi is quick, positive and very strong. He also has a 6th sense and doesn't really think when he goes into action. Takamichi uses English words in his speech, especially the word "wonder", in "Wonder Cute" and "Wonder Thank You".

As evaluated by Juru Atsuta, Takamichi is a kind and caring person deep down, who loves helping people, yet appears to pretend to act cold-hearted and selfish. He is shown to have happily greeted Mabushina before she berated him for his absence. Takamichi also has a habit of suddenly changing moods (such as going from disappointed/serious to happy and animated) when promised something or just in general.

When Muryou reveals Takamichi to be a Showa-era individual, Takamichi leaves the CARAT base by doing what Muryou says was a common Showa sign-off.

He is also implied to have a crush on, or at least some sort of feelings for Sayo Oharu multiple times, including two seconds into his first appearance, when he calls Sayo "Wonder Cute". 


Powers and abilities

Decelerated Aging
Due to the stones in his body, he ages at a much slower rate than normal humans, to the point that he looks 17 even if he's 47.
Due to the stones in his body, Kiramai Silver is incredibly strong, able to stop a large quarry truck with just his legs.

Kiramai Silver


Kiramai Silver

"(Rock music) Oh, Shiny!"
―Transformation announcement[src]




  • Shining Beam Attack (シャイニングビームアタック Shainingu Bīmu Atakku): Kiramai Silver charges the Shiny Breaker and shoots a giant energy drill bit that bores through the opponent.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 11 -

Behind the Scenes


Takamichi Crystalia is portrayed by Kohei Shoji (ショウ コウヘイ Shōji Kōhei). As Kiramai Silver, his suit actor is Masashi Takada (たか まさ Takada Masashi), who previously served as the suit actor for Ryusoul Blue.


  • Kiramai Silver is:
    • The first Sentai Ranger whose signature weapon is a jackhammer.
    • The first Ranger with a drill motif in Super Sentai history.
    • The second Ranger with ice as a motif after Magi Mother.
    • Another Sentai Ranger to be a sibling of an ally/ies and an antagonist.
    • The Second Silver Ranger to command a Drill Mecha. The first being Gai Ikari of the Gokaigers.
    • The first Ranger in Super Sentai history, to kiss a female Ranger on-screen, the Ranger in question being Sayo Oharu. This is similar to Power Rangers' Tommy Oliver, as they are both the first Sixth Rangers of each respective series to do this, Tommy having done this with Kimberly Hart. The only difference is that while Tommy and Kimberly pursued a relationship, it is only hinted multiple times that Takamichi likes Sayo.
  • The way Kiramai Silver raises/lowers his goggles is very similar to Kamen Rider MachIcon-crosswiki who can open/close his V-Helm. This also has a similar effect for Beast Morphers Red when his visor is pulled down, but only for his Zord's finishing attack.
    • Takamichi is also the third Sentai Sixth Ranger where a feature on his helmet can be moved, The first being Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver as when he transforms into Gold Mode the front part of the top of his helmet pushes down over his eyes, The second being Misao Mondou/Zyuoh The World as the front part of the top of his helmet and the front of the mouth plate can move up or down when he switches between any of his alternate forms.
      • The only difference between Takamichi and his two mentioned predecessors is that Takamichi can move the goggles by hand without using his transformation device and it isn't for when he switches to a different form.
    • Speaking of Gokai Silver, Takamichi's situation is a hybrid between Gai and his counterpart, Orion/Super Megaforce Silver. Whereas Gai was the only Earthling in a team of aliens and Orion is the only alien in a team of Earthlings, while Takamichi is a human-alien hybrid in a team of full blooded Earthlings.
  • Takamichi's last name is actually his adopted planet's name that he uses as a different persona.
  • Like with the other three Kiramagers, Takamichi's vehicle is a land-based vehicle. However, unlike the other Kiramagers, his vehicle uses the element of Ice and Snow.
  • Despite being turned into a half-Crystalian, Takamichi retained his human form, lacking any crystalline body parts to speak of.
    • However, his Crystalian bloodline slowed his aging, retaining his teenage appearance despite being two years older than his brother, Muryou. This is similiar to the Dino Charge Power Rangers’ aging being negated by the Energems as well the members of the Ryusoul Tribe who age slowly.
  • Takamichi is similar to Gai AmatsuIcon-crosswiki from Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki in the aspect of having a younger appearance but in reality being much older than they look.
  • Takamichi is similar to Utsusemimaru in some ways:
    • Both pretend to be cold-hearted when they are really caring.
    • Both befriended their team's respective Pink Ranger.
    • Both look significantly younger than they really are (Utsusemimaru because of being trapped inside Dogold, Takamichi because of his half-Crystallian nature).



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