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Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan: The Movie was released at the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival on July 18, 1981 (the same day that episode 24 aired).


After failing to defeat Sun Vulcan in a raid, Black Magma decides to separate Hiba from his teammates while plotting to blow up Tokyo with hidden bombs.


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Sun Vulcan

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VulEagle Takayuki Hiba
VulShark Kin'ya Samejima
VulPanther Asao Hyou

Guardians of World Peace

Machine Empire Black Magma


Guest Cast

Continuity and Placement

The earliest the movie can take place is after episode 23 due to both Takayuki Hiba and Amazon Killer appearing for their respective sides and the usage of the second Vulcan Base; it fits best between 24 and 25 due to premiering the same day as 24 and with certain cosmetic changes (such as the new version of Sun Vulcan Robo's Aura Plasma Returns) that are used in-show from 25.


  • The opening used for this movie uses the scene of the trio leaping untransformed; the one that is supposed to be VulEagle is actually Hiba's predecessor, Ryuusuke Oowashi.
  • The kabuki-like introduction used by Sun Vulcan at one point (including the usage of bamboo parasols) will later be actually done as the team introduction for another three-man Sentai team.

Digital Releases


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