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Taiyajikolar is Vader Monster "10" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Taiyajikolar is sent out to attack the public to gather souls for itself by running people over. When one of Akagi's karate students is attacked by it, DenziRed and the student's sister pursue it until he becomes captured for study by General Hedrer and the Vader Clan forces until he escapes using a telepathic link to the DenziMachine. During its final showdown with the Denziman, it continues to use its tire form to avoid them until they all throw their DenziSticks at it simultaneously, puncturing it to prevent movement long enough for a DenziStick Boomerang finisher; it is then eliminated fully using DaiDenzin.


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His main ability is to transform himself into a rubber tire which can roll around anywhere and anyone who is hit by him during the rolling will have their souls taken, which are eaten in order to gain power. His main weapon is a staff similar to a traffic sign and it can use its shrinking powers to change its tire size when needed. He can also teleport, use a hammer, and emit choking gas from his left shoulder.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Taiyajikolar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Taiya" - "Tire"; "Jiko" - "Accident"


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