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Timelar is Vader Monster "21" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Taimular worked with Keller & Mirror in a plot to abduct criminals from prisons to perform temporal experiments on them without any notice from the people around them. When one of the criminals taken is one Midorikawa had brought down in the past, he investigates only to be thrown back in time through Taimular's time machine to four years in the past before returning, with his present body but his mind still as it was four years ago prior to the events that made him a member of Denziman. After IC helps DenziGreen regain his mind of current times, he fakes his way back into the Vader base pretending he was still his "past self", using the investigation to fling himself using Taimular's time machine to discover the true plot: regressing humanity to a primitive state for the Vader Clan to conquer Earth with ease. After discovering the reason Midorikawa went to the future, Keller and Mirror force the Vader Monster to return him to the present where Denziman regroup to fight. They overcome Taimular's abilities with the Denzi Shower before defeating him with the Denzi Lightning Drop. After growing, he is struck by DaiDenzin's Denziball and the electric control of the Denzi Sword before being destroyed by the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main manipulation is the control and manipulation of time, having the ability to literally reverse, fast-forwards and even stop time to manipulate the world around him in a manner that no one can control. When used in conjunction with a special Vader Clan time machine, he can send people either forwards or backwards into the future or past, while pulling them back to a point where traveling to the past can only bring back the mind of the past while keeping the body of the present to create a pseudo amnesia. His main weapon is a spear in the shape of a clock hand although he can also fire time energy bolts from his left eye, teleport, change his size, and has grenades on his back.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Taimular were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Taimu" - "Time"
  • Another monster with similar abilities of controlling time though not able to move through time on its own, will likewise be created by Queen Hedrian next season


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