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"Big bro!"
―Final words before death

Tagredor (タグレドー Taguredō) is a Majin minion of the Space Pirates Balban under Gun Boss Sambash; he is also the younger brother of Torbador.

Character History

A stag beetle-like Majin who can convert anything he eats, namely concrete, into a poison gas. He shoots said gas fumes through his pincers, also known as his Poison Shot attack. He tried to turn Earth into a contaminated planet, like Zahab's home planet of Dera, hoping that the fumes would revive Daitanix. During one of his attacks, though unable to use his poison, due to Bucrates spraying him with an antidote, Tagredor manages to poison Yuuta, before having his pinchers cleaned, preventing him from covering Tokyo with his toxic fumes.

However, the Starbeasts sacrificed themselves, absorbing the poison, to save the city, which neutralized the Majin's power. After being driven off by the Gingamen, Tagredor is sent back to destroy them, now wielding a mallet, and being aided by his brother Torbador. However, the Starbeasts were revived thanks to the newly obtained Mechanical Blade Kibas, and Tagredor became the first to be killed by Gingaioh's Galaxy Beast King Cut.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • It's main ability is the ability to create a deadly poison by eating, namely with the ability to eat anything and convert it into a wide-spreading poison gas.


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Behind the Scenes

  • His name is a pun on "Stag Beetle" and "Red"


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