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Tadao Takayama (高山 忠男 Takayama Tadao) is the father of Koichi Takayama who worked as a security guard. Acquiring the Strong Suit, he temporarily became the hero of justice Transformed Papa (変身パパ Henshin Papa), an ally of Goggle V.

Character History

Transformed Papa

Transformed Papa

"Transformed Papa"

Wearing the Strong Suit (ストロンスーツ Sutoron Sūtsu), Tadao Takayama's strength was multiplied by a hundred. Capable of withstanding the firepower of Deathdark's Spotmen as well as breaking through walls, such a transformation was suggested to be a match for Goggle V.

  • As "Transformed Papa", Tadao rode a motorcycle which he had appropriated from a hooligan.

Behind the scenes


Tadao Takayama was portrayed by Shinsho Nakamaru (中丸 新将 Nakamaru Shinshō) and an unidentified stunt actor.


  • The name "Transformed Papa" is not refered to the episode itself and is derived solely from the episode title.
  • Though Tadao himself, while aspiring to fight alongside them as their ally, would clarify that he was not a member of Goggle V as rumored by the press, "Transformed Papa" can be considered one of, if not the earliest prototype for what would become 6th Rangers and Extra Heroes, preceeding even Magne Warrior of Bioman and X1 Mask of Maskman.
  • The Strong Suit's punching attack is similar to the Dyna Punch, a signature move of the next Sentai team.


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