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Table Shadow (テーブルシャドー Teburu Shadō) is a shadow monster which appear in Episode 31 & Episode 32 of ToQger.


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Character History

He is the eldest sibling of the Dining Set Brothers (ダイニングセットブラザーズ Dainingu Setto Burazāzu) composing of himself and the younger Chair Shadows. After being summoned by Barone Nero to help him keep the ToQgers distracted from the Hyper Ressha Terminal, Table Shadow is forced to sacrifice one of the Chair Shadow to escape before resuming his attack with his remaining younger brothers. However, Table Shadow ends up being destroyed by Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh.

Arsenal and Abilities

  • Four-Pillar War Fork (四脚系サスマタ Shikyaku-kei Sasumata)
  • Strength: With his superhuman strength he can flip over anything with his hand, even objects as large as a bus.
  • Giant Tea Table Flip: When they're a giant the Table Shadow shape-shift into a tea table, so that way the Chair Shadow will flip him towards his enemies.


  • ID Number: Ne Shi 298-31
  • Station Building: Urakaeshi
  • Motif: Table
  • Height: 198 cm (43.6m: giant)
  • Weight: 195 kg (429.0t: giant)
  • "Urakaeshi" is the portmanteau of "Capsize" and Urakami (浦上), a railway station in the Nagasaki Prefacture.


Chair Shadow Trio: Younger Brother

Behind the scenes


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