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"This is no time for kiddies to be playing. I'm the Bowzock's #1 student, TT Terurin!"
―TT Terurin introducting himself to two Japanese boys.[src]

"Woulda preferred watermelon, but... time for the Imo-King-imo-yokan!"
―TT Terurin upon enlarging himself[src]

"Stop! Teruuuuuruiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!"
―TT Terurin reacting to RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cutter, and his final words before his death.[src]

TT Terurin (テーテーテルリン TēTē Terurin, 24) is a Gorotsuki who fancies himself the smartest out of the Bowzock. He resembles a weighing scale and a adding machine, and also seems to be the Bowzock's best accountant.


Though initially targeted by Red and Green Racer, children stopped them from attacking him due to him assisting them with their summer homework. However, he was actually gaining their trust to get them into gathering watermelons for him. This was so that they could be used in a Bowzock competition, where the contenders take turns splitting watermelons for fun before engaging in a watermelon feast. Unfortunately for the kids, they bring Terurin slices instead, enraging the brainy Gorotsuki to the point that he decides to transform them all into watermelons for the contest. He was defeated after Kyousuke and Minoru reconciled differences after a brief period where Minoru was the Carrangers' leader, and Terurin was wiped out by a combination of Green Racer's Engine Cannon and Red Racer's Twincam Crash.

In order to escape his fate, TT Terurin then ate Imo-Youkan, ruthlessly smashing a building upon enlargement. But he was easily defeated by the RV Robo in a very one-sided battle, where he received karma in being on the bad side of a new attack, the "Watermelon Splitting Crash." He met his end shortly after by way of the machine's Reckless Dash Cutter, blowing him sky-high.


Terurin is perhaps one of the cruelest and sickest of Bowzock's members. At first glance, he pretends to be nice by assisting kids with their summer homework. But this is just an act, as his real intentions are murderous and he has no qualms on murdering children. He is also quite smart compared to most of the extremely idiotic Gorotsuki; Terurin himself is very good at math.

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Terurin is not much of a front-line fighter, his strength being his insane smarts. He was sent to gather watermelons for the Bowzock's Watermelons Smash at town. He starts by assisting kids with their summer homework, then asking for watermelons in return. But when they only bring him slices instead of full, hollow melons, he grows furious with their idiocy and decides to use their heads instead. This implies that he has the power to turn things into watermelons, which he states are his favorite food. Making up for his inadequacy in combat, he can fire blue sonic beams from his glasses to attack or defend himself. Other than this, he is a very poor fighter.

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  • His motif is that of a primary school student and an adding machine.

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