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"This is no time for kiddies to be playing. I'm Bykergang's # 1 student, T.T. Tellurin."
―TT Terurin's first words when introducing himself to two Japanese boys.[src]
"Woulda preferred watermelon, but....Time for the Imo-King-imo-yokan!"
―TT Terurin upon enlarging himself[src]
―TT Tururin reacting to RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cut and his final word before his death.[src]


Resembles a Weighing scale and a adding machine and seemed to be the Bowzock's best accountant. Though initially targeted by Red and Green Racer, children stopped them from attacking him due to him assisting them with their summer homework. However, he was actually gaining their trust until he could use them for a watermelon-splitting game with their heads as watermelons. Defeated after Kyousuke and Minoru reconcile differences after a brief period where Minoru was the Carrangers' leader and he was wiped out by the Twincam Crash. TT Terurin then ate Imo-Youkan but slain by RV Robo's RV Reckless Slash.


TT is one of the cruellest and sickest of Bowzock's members, at first he pretends to be nice by assisting kids with their summer homework. But it was just an act, his real personalities are murderous and has no trouble killing kids. He is very smart and good at math.

Modus and Arsenal

  • TT was sent to gather watermelons for the Bowzocks Watermelons Smash at town. He starts by assisting kids with their summer homework. Then asking for watermelons in return but when they only bring him slice instead hollow melons he decides to use their heads instead. He could fire blue beam from his eyes.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is the one of a primary school student and an adding machine.

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