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Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, or TJ as he is liked to be called, is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe, starring in the Power Rangers: Turbo and Power Rangers: In Space TV series. He is the hand picked successor to Tommy Oliver and is played by Selwyn Ward.

Red Turbo Ranger

Turbo Red Ranger

TJ as the Red Turbo Ranger

While en route to the fictitious city of Angel Grove, California, TJ falls victim to an attack by the villain Divatox. Because of his bravery and his assistance in saving others (including an unmorphed Power Ranger), he was hand-picked to be the successor to Tommy Oliver, the Red Turbo Ranger, in forming the new team of Turbo Power Rangers. The team consisted of himself, Ashley Hammond, Carlos Vallerte, Cassie Chan, along with current blue ranger Justin Stewart. Although he was a capable team leader, he ended up having one of the worst final showings of any Red Ranger. The end of the series saw the destruction of two Megazords, one of which was set to self-destruct per his order in a failed attempt to destroy a foe, the loss of two vehicles, and finally the loss of the Turbo Ranger powers because Divatox had found and destroyed the Power Chamber, destroying the Turbo Powers with them.



Blue Space Ranger

PRiS Blue Ranger

TJ as the Blue Space Ranger

Making his way into space to pursue Divatox along with Ashley, Carlos, Cassie and Alpha 6, he meets Andros, the Red Space Ranger from a distant planet. Although not initially receptive of their presence, Andros would later give the four remaining Turbo Power Rangers new powers that matched his own, and T.J. would become the Blue Space Ranger and second in command of the team, and in turn give leadership of the team to Andros, due to himself being unfamiliar with outer space. The Rangers spent this time searching for the kidnapped Zordon and protecting Earth from Astronema. During the course of the series T.J suffered at least two serious head injuries. The first incident was when he was attacked by Darkliptor (a being that was a merging of Ecliptor and Darkonda), which left him with temporary amnesia. The second occurred when Psycho Blue nearly killed him, placing him in the intensive care unit aboard the Astro Megaship. He would remain the Blue Space Ranger for the remainder of the series and would participate in the final Battle against the United Alliance of Evil.

T.J. later follows Andros and the the other Space Rangers to Terra Venture to help the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers in dealing with the Psycho Rangers. He and the other Rangers help destroy the five Psycho Rangers for good.

T.J. joins Andros in following the remnants of the Machine Empire to the moon in their plot to use Serpentera to destroy the Earth. In this mission T.J. once again dons the Red Turbo Ranger powers (though it is not explained how they exist again.) He teams up with Leo Corbett to destroy a General. It is assumed that he still works with Andrew and the other Space Rangers.



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