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―T-Top after he was found innocent. [src]

Trilondon (nicknamed T-Top) is an alien monster who appears in the episode "A-Bridged" as the unintentional main antagonist.


Trilondon is a Trirondonian from Trirondon and an intergalactic bounty hunter in search of Hydrax. He was initially seen in the city attacking innocent citizens but Jack and Sky quickly arrived and stopped his attack with their Patrol Cycles. They then fought him in hand to hand combat but were easily defeated so Sky mounted his Patrol Cycle, swung and kicked him down although he recovered and took both down. Luckily, Syd and Z (who had been slower getting there) arrived. He then tried to flee but they overwhelmed T-Top with their DeltaMax Strikers. Jack tried to handcuff him so he tried to talk to them, although he remained cryptic as to his mission and they didn't believe him. They then tried to bring him in but he distracted them by destroying a building, allowing him to escape into an alley where he played with a dog. However, Broodwing (who had been hired by Hydrax to frame him for her crimes) made him grow into a giant using one of his bats. He went on a rampage in the city and was swiftly confronted by the Delta Squad Megazord. He tried to destroy it with eye blasts but it leapt away and tried to shoot him but he blocked with his blades and charged. However, under advice from Bridge, they wrapped him up with Super Crime Scene Tape which he was unable to escape so they charged him with the five bank robberies yet he was found not guilty to their immense surprise and Hydrax's concern. Regardless, they made him shrink down with the Megazord's handcuffs and confronted him down on street level where he explained himself. Hydrax (in her human guise of Diana) appeared and tried to get them to arrest him but she was revealed to be the bank robber and brought into custody by the Canine Cannon.

After his bounty is captured by S.P.D., T-Top isn't allowed back on Earth because of the destruction he caused.


Despite being an excellent bounty hunter, T-Top is very bullheaded since, instead of trying to explain things to the SPD Rangers, he ends up destroying buildings.

Behind the Scenes


T-Top was voiced by Mark Wright who also voiced Rhinix.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Single slashes from his arm blades knocked down the Rangers although he was unable to break through the Super Crime Scene Tape.
  • Durability-T-Top was hit by an energy slash from Syd's DeltaMax Striker but only stumbled back.
  • Eye Blasts-T-Top can fire focused green energy from his eyes that caused large explosions but failed to harm the Delta Squad Megazord.


  • Arm Blades: T-Top has blade-like formations on his wrists that can cut through solid steel and block the blasts from the Delta Blaster.
    • Energy Blasts-T-Top can fire green energy blasts from the tips of his arm blades strong enough to take down both Sky and Jack with one hit.
    • Energy Waves: From his arm blades, T-Top can fire green energy slashes capable of tearing apart buildings..


  • Assault.
  • Criminal damage.
  • Criminal mischief.
  • Jaywalking.
  • Assault on a deputised officer of the law.
  • 5 counts of bankrobberry (found innocent).

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