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―T-Top after he was found innocent. [src]

Trilondon (nicknamed T-Top) is an alien monster who appears in "A-Bridged".


Trilondon is a Trirondonian from Trirondon and an intergalactic bounty hunter in search of Hydrax. He is mistaken for a criminal by the B-Squad Rangers and forced to battle the Delta Squad Megazord due to being forcefully enlarged by Broodwing who provides his target with protection much to Emperor Gruumm's dismay. After his bounty is captured T-Top isn't allowed back on Earth because of the destruction he caused.


He was voiced by Mark Wright who also voiced Rhinix.

Powers and Abilities


  • Arm Blades: He has blade-like formations on his wrists that can cut through solid steel.
    • Energy Waves: From his arm blades and eyes he can fire energy blasts.

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