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"I told you I was innocent."

Trilondon (Nicknamed by the Rangers as T-Top) is an alien monster who appers in the episode "A-Bridged".

Character History

Trilondon is a Trirondonian from the planet Trirondon, and is an intergalactic bounty hunter in search of Hydrax. He is mistaken as a criminal by the Rangers, and is forced to battle the Delta Squad Megazord. After his bounty is captured, T-Top isn't allowed back on Earth, because of all the destruction he caused.


He was voiced by Mark Wright who was also the voice of Rhinix.

Powers and Ability's


  • Arm Blades: He has blade-like formations on his wrists that can cut through steel.
    • Energy Waves: From his arm blades, he can fire energy waves.

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