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"Dino Charger, Ready! Summon T-Rex Zord!"
―Tyler summoning the T-Rex Zord[src]

The T-Rex Zord (affectionately dubbed Rexy by Tyler) is the sentient personal Zord of the Dino Charge Red Ranger. It possesses the spirit of the T-Rex that was given the red Energem 65 million years ago, just before Sledge's ship electro-net was disabled when his ship was bombed and the meteors therein caused the dinosaur extinction.


Tyrannosaurus Rex Spirit (normal version)

Appearances: DC Episodes 1-14, 16-20, 22, DSC Episodes 1-3, 5-22

Zord History

Rexy was awakened when the Red Energem was found. He rescued Shelby and Tyler from Iceage by grabbing the monster and hurling him far away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Powers From the Past Rexy's later return caused some fluctuations with the Red Energem which eventually stabilized. Rexy and Tyler teamed up to finally take down Iceage and his army of Vivix with the help of the rest of the team. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Past, Present and Fusion

Later on, Kendall determined how to combine it with the Stego Zord and Tricera Zord to form the Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego formation. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Fool's Hour


Rexy is only one of two Zords in Dino Charge to have it's own personal finishing attack (the other being the Pachy Zord).  The Zord would race at the enemy, leap up, grab it;s teeth around the enemy's head, and then does a swinging flip around it whilst biting down. This was performed in the episode "Past, Present, and Fusion " on a Vivizord whilst the Rangers fought Iceage (and also because the other Zords hadn't been discovered yet) whilst also happening in the episode "Trick or Trial" when two Vivizords showed up but the Rangers were too busy with Scumlaw .

Long Neck

T-Rex Zord long neck

This was seen in Break Out by using the Dino Stretch Charger, Rexy gained the ability to extend his neck as long as he wills it. This was only used used in a final attempt to stop the corrupted Ptera Zord while the Rangers tried to free Ivan from Fury's possession.

T-Rex Super Charge Zord

The T-Rex Super Charge Zord is a miniaturized but hyper-powered form of the T-Rex Zord unlocked through the use of the T-Rex Super Charger. It transforms into a Blaster referred to as the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher, allowing Tyler to take the form of the the T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger, turning him into essentially a human-sized version of the Dino Charge Megazord. It can connect to the Dino Charge Morpher to become the T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster

Known techniques:

  • T-Rex Super Charge Blast - fires a beam of energy from the T-Rex Super Charge Blaster.
  • T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster: Final Strike or T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blast - By attaching the Dino Charge Morpher to the back of the Super Charge Blaster, Red Ranger can fire a highly concentrated blast of energy at the opponent.

When the T-Rex Super Charger is removed from the T-Rex Super Charge Zord, allowing it to reassume his normal size. For Tyler to use the T-Rex Super Change forms, he needs to tap the silver button on the left side of the Blaster, making it announce "T-Rex Super Charge: (x) Formation", then insert two Dino Chargers that make up any of Dino Charge Megazord's many Formations, and follows it with inserting a T-Rex Charger, finalizing the change.

Once that is done, Tyler yells "Activate!", and the Blaster fires Dino Charge Zord's head manifestations of the first two Dino Chargers he previously inserted fly to his arms to bite down on Dino Charge Red's arms.

For deactivation, the T-Rex Super Charger is ejected from the mouth after which it returns to its original giant Zord form.

Appearances: DSC Episodes 5-12, 15-18, 20, 22, BM S2 Episode 12

Dino Chargers

T-Rex Charger.

T-Rex Charger: This charger is one the main chargers of the Dino Charge Rangers. the Red Ranger stored in his Dino Com, giving access to their main transformation,Dino Charge Red Ranger

T-Rex Super Charger.

T-Rex Super Charger: This charger is one the main chargers of the Dino Charge Rangers. the Red Ranger stored in his Dino Com, giving access to their super form, T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger.

Dino Victory Charger.

Dino Victory Charger: This charger utilizes the energy of the 5 main Rangers into a single blast.

Dino X Charger.

Dino X Charger: This charger utilizes the energy of the 5 auxiliary Rangers into a single blast.


Black T-Rex Zord


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