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"No Trini no he's my friend."

Sylvia is Trini Kwan's cousin, who appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode "No Clowning Around". She also has a small cameo in the episode "Doomsday" Part II.

Character History

Sylvia is with her cousin Trini and her friends at a county fair. While Trini isn't looking, Sylvia is led astray by Pineapple the clown, which has Trini search for her. By the time she found her, Pineapple (who turns out to be one of Rita's monsters called Pineoctopus) sprays some powder on Sylvia and turns her into a cardboard figure. Trini goes to Billy's place to try and get her back to normal with Alpha 5's help. With the use of water, the spell is broken and Sylvia is changed back to normal, much to Trini's joy. Afterwards, Sylvia learns to always stick with her friends and not wander off and thanks her cousin for being a good babysitter.

She is seen briefly later on in the two-part episode Doomsday.




Behind the Scenes

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