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"More, more!"

The Sylph Minosaur (シルフマイナソー Shirufu Mainasō) is a Sylph-themed Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon, created from the negative emotions of Saki Koda, based on her desire to meet the expectations of others.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Speed Physiology: The Sylph Minosaur's body is adapted towards the rigors of high-speed running.
    • Supernatural Speed: The Sylph Minosaur has the ability to move supernaturally faster in a blink of an eye.
    • Supernatural Reflexes: The Sylph Minosaur possesses far greater reflexes, allowing it to react quicker to its opponents.
    • Supernatural Stamina: The Sylph Minosaur can handle the stress of moving at supernatural speeds for extended periods of time without exhaustion.
    • Supernatural Agility: The Sylph Minosaur' agility, balance, and bodily coordination are supernaturally enhanced, allowing it to make sharp turns while moving.


  • Drunn Soldiers' Spear: The Sylph Minosaur was granted one of the Drunn Soldiers' spear by Kleon.


  • Impersistent Brain: The Sylph Minosaur's brain can't keep up with its reflexes
  • Thick Masses: It cannot move if stuck in a thick gelatinous mass.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Fairy Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Bucchigiri Road
  • Experience Point: 462

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

  • This Minosaur is based on a Sylph (also called sylphid), an air spirit which originates in the 16th-century works of Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as (invisible) beings of the air, his elementals of air.
  • The Sylph theme brings to mind of SylphiIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider WizardIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • The Sylph Minosaur's EXP value (462) is a Goroawase pun. It could be read as shi (4) - ru (6) - fu (2);i.e. "sylph" (シルフ shirufu).

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