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Sword Shark Mask

Sword Shark Mask.

Sword Shark Mask (剣ザメ仮面 Ken Zame Kamen) is the third of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Sword Shark Mask is an assassin brought in by Magman for a scheme to destroy three EAGLE oil tankers in order to shut down the energy and vehicle management of EAGLE and the Gorengers; he would go beneath the tankers and bite them to cause an oil spill, then blow them away with bombs within the facility. After destroying the first facility, the second and third were protected by the Gorengers with Peggy encountering him and the team immediately working to eliminating him. When Sword Shark Mask tries to do an attack on the oil facility from the water, the team use Varitank as a submarine to prevent him from attacking and causing a spill. When the Gorengers face him head on, they use Gorenger Hurricane which appears to be stopped by Sword Shark Mask's projectile jaws, only for a second missile to emerge from the ball and strike him inside his mouth, blowing him up. Ep. 45: Dark Sword Shark! Attack of Marine Hitmen


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Modus and Arsenal

Similar to his shark-like nature, Sword Shark Mask is a master of water, swimming through anything and with sharp teeth that can bite through anything. He also possesses a zanbatou for combat, mines in his tongue, has a hack saw on his head, and can throw out a set of shark jaws as a projectile called the Atomic Crusher.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Sword Shark Mask is extremely influenced by the shark from the 1975 film Jaws, including the trademark emergence of a fin before he attacks and the Gorenger defeating him by blowing him from the inside with a missile.


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