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""Ranger troubles? I'll get rid of those monochromatic pests! Permanently! The name's Switchbeast. I work for a different master in the Darkness, Nadness, and Mystery gane, He perfers to remain anonymous, I'm sure you understand. My boss has instructed you to help you out with your little Power Ranger problem.""
―Switchbeast's first words when showing up on Xandred's Junk and introducing himself and explaining his presence after Xandred demanded to know who he was.[src]

""You can't defeat me!""
―Switchbeast reacting to Mike (in Super Samurai Mode) preparing his finishing strike and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

""Ready for the big switch?""
―Switchbeast when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

""Talk about a switch hit!""
―Switchbeast reacting to the Claw Armor Megazord powering up it's finisher and his last words before his death.[src]

Switchbeast is a cat/ knight-themed Nighlok who serves as the main antagonist in the episode "Trading Places."

Character History

Switchbeast was sent as a herald for Serrator. He appeared on Master Xandred’s ship and told Xandred and Octoroo that he was sent by his master, whom he did not name. Xandred was pleased to hear of that and told Switchbeast to go on a rampage in the City and make people as miserable as possible to make the Sanzu River rise and flood. Being able to switch people's spirits into inanimate objects, he switched civilians bodies with objects such as chairs, coat hangers and mirrors. Before he even faced the Rangers, he switched Antonio's body with a fish, Spike's with a newspaper, and Bulk's with a soda can. He narrowly ducked Emily's opening attack and fought the Rangers although he easily overwhelmed them and switched thier bodies. He then switched Jayden's spirit with a garden gnome, preventing the other Rangers from interfering with a Switch Blast. Switchbeast tried to kill him by smashing the gnome with his staff but Mike prevented it and slashed him back. He then fought all the other Rangers and quickly switched Kevin's body with a ballerina statue, and Mia's with a table fan after taking them out with a Switch Blast. He then dried out and was forced to retreat.

When he returned later on, he switch more people's bodies before he was confronted by the last two Rangers remaining. Because Mike and Emily were the only ones left un-switched, they had came up with a plan in which Mike got Switchbeast to switch bodies with him, and made him change everyone back from the inanimate objects to themselves by transferring him into a football and kicking and squeezing it. He then, unwillingly, slashed through the golden chain on his body's front and everyone returned to normal although Switchbeast was crippled. Mike used the Black Box to morph into Super Samurai Mode and destroy him with the Super Forest Vortex.

Switchbeast then turned into a Mega-Monster so Mike, using the Black Box again in conjunction with the Samurai Union Disc, was able to summon the Claw Armor Megazord with Emily. The monster tried to take them down with his Switch Blasts but these were deflected and the Megazord fired from the emblems on it's back, disarming Switchbeast. Mike and Emily then powered up the katanas and Switchbeast was destroyed by the Double Katana Strike.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Switchbeast is a very strong monster, being able to take both Emily and Mike down with one swing of his baton and send Mia and Kevin flying with one shove of his baton.
  • Armor: Being Knight-themed, Switchbeast has heavily armored skin that allowed him to take multiple slashes from Mike's Super Spin Sword as well as the Claw Armour Megazord's Symbol Power Blast and barely get a scratch.
  • Expert Combatant: Switchbeast is a master with his staff, overwhelming Mike and Emily with ease in spite of both fighting him at once. He later took on all four Rangers at once (minus Jayden and Antonio who had been switched) and easily overwhelmed them.
  • Body Switching: Switchbeast can fire his hooked tentacles into the chests of humans and switch thier bodies with inanimate objects. The bodies of the people would then take on the same position as that object. This power became useless when he (in Mike's body) cut off the chain connecting his hooked tentacles apart with Mike's Spin Sword, returning everyone to normal.
  • Gap Teleportation: Like all other Nighlok, Switchbeast can teleport through gaps to recharge using Sanzu River water.
  • Reflexes: Switchbeast is a very agile Nighlok, being able to duck Emily's Earth Slicer seconds after it was thrown with only an audio warning from Emily and being able to block a jump slash from Jayden (who came from behind) with a half second's notice.
  • Switch Blast: Switchbeast's signature attack. From the cat on his chest, he can fire yellow fireballs out of his cat-head-mouth at his enemies. This was powerful enough to force all four Rangers to stop charging when he switched Jayden's body and sent Mia and Kevin flying through a wall with one hit. However, when giant, this same attack was futile since the Claw Armour Megazord just slashed away the attacks with its katanas.


  • Double Bladed Baton: Switchbeast is armed with a double bladed baton for battle. He lost this when the Claw Armor Megazord blasted him and it was then destroyed with him.


  • Sanzu River Reliance: Much like all other NIghloks, he must recharge in the Sanzu River or he will dry out.

Behind the scenes


Green Samurai Ranger

Ranger costume





  • Switchbeast is the first Nighlok that serves under Serrator to appear.
  • Although not revealed in the episode, it is implied through Serrator's later betrayal of Xandred that his true purpose was to make a good impression so that Xandred would trust him and he would be in a prime position to seize power.
  • Switcbeast is the only monster destroyed by the Claw Armor Megazord's Double Katana Strike since all others it destroyed were taken out by the Samurai Battle Cannon.
    • It can be assumed that Mike and Emily would have resorted to that tactic had he survived this attack but he didn't.
  • Ironically, his switching of Antonio's body with a fish led to the introduction of the Lightzord which saved Jayden's life from a Papyrox in the next episode and contributed towards his master's death 13 episodes later.

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