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"Row harder, you Landlubbers. Lest you feel the wrath of Captain Mutiny!"
―Mutiny orders to Swabbies.[src]

The Swabbies were Captain Mutiny's foot soldiers. They wield large, curved cutlass swords in battle. They can speak, but only in stereotypical pirate exclamations such as "Ahoy!" and "Arr!"

Character History

The Swabbies were ordered by Captain Mutiny's Crew to take the citizens of Terra Ventura as prisoners/slaves.

They were all destroyed alongside Mutiny and Barbarax when Trakeena destroyed Mutiny's Castle, as revenge for Deviot betraying her to work for Mutiny.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Space Survivability: The Swabbies do not need oxygen to breathe, having the ability to survive in deep space.
  • Teleportation: They can teleport by vanishing in a flash of orange flare.


  • Endurance: They have a high endurance, enough to survive a high fall.


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  • Cutlasses - They wield large curved cutlasses.

Behind the Scenes


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  • In Gingaman, the Seaman Yartots (the Sentai counterparts of the Swabbies) are the main and only set of enemy foot soldiers featured. The Stingwingers are American creations.
  • In Latin American, they are named "Marineros", which translates to English as "sailors".
  • The Lost Galaxy might've never gotten the original Yartot suits, as it seems every new footage with the Sabbies feature them with near-perfect replicas. The only difference with the American replicas and the originals is that the American version has smaller pupils.


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