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Numa-O (ホルス星人ヌマ・O長官 Horusu Seijin Numa O-chōkan) is commander of the entire Special Police Dekaranger. He is from Horus Star and is the one who assigned DekaBreak to the Earth Branch.

He is voiced by the late Kazuhiko Kishino and it was his final role in the Super Sentai series before his death in 2020.


Kazakku transformed into Numa O to trick Banban Akaza and was successful in slashing him.

The whole fleet led by Numa O.

He led a whole fleet to Earth when the planet's DekaBase was compromised and turned against the Dekaranger, knowing that they are not capable of regaining control of their Dekabase, and that the greater good must be accomplished regardless of what sacrifices must be made as a result. However once the Dekaranger regain control of the Dekabase Banban Akaza warns of the trap set up by Rainian Agent Abrella, narrowly saving both him and the fleet in time.


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